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User Info: Crash_Override9

8 years ago#1
Is the mulitplayer in this game single card download play or Multi-Card Play?

Which games Can I play with one game card and which ones are multi card play only?

Are all the games with a 2P mode single card download play or is it just a select few?

Can the arcade games be played with 2 Players?
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User Info: CPFace

8 years ago#2
I don't have two copies of the game! I don't know what's available with multicard two-player! But I can tell you what you can play with one card, and this is it!

Space Duel

ATARI 2600
Air-Sea Battle
Championship Soccer
Dodge 'Em
Flag Capture
Home Run
Realsports Baseball
Realsports Boxing
Realsports Football
Realsports Tennis
Realsports Volleyball
Sky Diver
Slot Machine
Slot Racers
Star Ship


Every 2600 game with hotseat multiplayer can be played on a single DS by passing it back and forth on each player's turn. The following arcade games also have this feature:

Missile Command

The games that aren't listed? Maybe you can play multiplayer with two game cards? I have no idea! Hope that helps! :D
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User Info: CPFace

8 years ago#3
Okay guys, I'm back! I just read the manual, and it says the two arcade and 19 2600 games are all that's available through wireless play, whether you've got two cards or one! I guess that's too bad if each player wants his or her own screen and controller, but at least hotseat is still available for all of the other games!
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User Info: Rayder

8 years ago#4
I'll tell ya, Atari's Greatest Hits and Intellivision Lives make great stocking stuffers for the retro gaming fan you may know. Lots of nostalgia there from the humble beginnings of the video game age.

Atari's Greatest has dropped in price at Gamestop! it's now only $19.99! That's a lot more fair than $29.99 was before. Now is the time to go out and get your copy!
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