To those who loved the game, post your minor gripes.

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User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#31
Hmm, got a couple.

2 weapons only
What you mentioned TC
Can't buy weapons
Lock picks are extremely hard to find early on, but when you do get a dozen. There are barely chests or safe
Majority of the gears are situational and pointless

User Info: apolloooo

4 years ago#32
From: TwilightEchoes | #017
Just three.

- Underutilized elements in the story and by extension gameplay. Siren and Boys of Silence, Vox, and Songbird namely.
- Environments aren't as big and complex as the E3 demo suggested they would be.
- More could have been done with the tear opportunities.

It's a great game, but a few elements didn't quite match my expectations.

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User Info: Wheatsac

4 years ago#33
Elizabeth couldn't figure out which way to run during the lighthouse section at the end. It took me way longer then it should have because she kept trying to just run off the sides and into the water. It really kind of ruined the moment :(

User Info: Dahpie

4 years ago#34
I thought I would redo my comment, because I didn't make it make enough sense.

Lots of content cut from E3 gameplay trailers, Biggers Enviroments, Better effects (More blood, night to day effects, wind effects.
Better powers, Elizabeth having the abillity to cause storm clouds to cause Mass eletrocution.
Cannons, because there awesome. Also the ability to use telekinesis to fire back Cannon Munitions.
Environments much more in depth and more evidenced of violent conflict between vox populi and the Prophet.
More flexabillity picking up items.

User Info: AugustDreaming

4 years ago#35
I felt a few characters (Songbird & Daisy Fitzroy) could have been developed a bit more.
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User Info: DanKiller7

4 years ago#36
I agree with the majority of the posts here so far. Many good points.
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User Info: NoodleTrickery

4 years ago#37
I really liked the fact that there were only two weapons... makes sense to me... but Booker could carry a lot of gear, makes no sense. I would like to see a man in a youtube carrying all like weapons from the real world and an appropriate amount of ammo and clothing to match the game; then, try to run and jump...

Minor grips are the amount of ammo/salt/money/lockpicks. Not really challenging to play the game with out ever using the vending machine. I didn't ever use one on the two i have played so far say for buying lockpicks because I was an idiot and saw them there and got all nervous that they would run out on my first play through like in fallout 3 they only sell one at a time, challenging at first ~ gets easier.

I have to agree with one of the earlier posts that i read about how the guns don't change appearance... I really missed that; aside from the fact that some of the old weapons started to block the screen when just walking about...

What an indecisive b**** Elisabeth is.

The creepiness factor... not nearly enough of it... the first games had the steampunk and sifi-thriller feeling, this only had one or two good jumping moments and the enemies are now 100% on the steampunk side. Don't get me wrong I am no thriller movie fan (my girlfriend is and she hates that) but the creepy movement and outfits of the splicer defiantly were missing here. Another point related:

The enemies movements is completely unpredictable and sometimes i felt as though it was programmed just to make you waste ammo... Now you may say "that adds to the challenge," well, maybe, but that's not how games work; patterns develop and the players learn them... this had some shotty moves: like if you see in your peripherals a bobby charging you will a billy, he will continue on a direct path to you untill you start to move to look at him and he dodges to the left/right, then you draw a bead on him and he dodges left/right... then you take your missed shot and draw another bead and he dodges left/right... run away and view him in the periphs again and a straight shot again... does seem legit, but when you get all kinds of messed up because this dirty coppa' matrix's all your bullets...

Songbird... all of it. would have been better if it were not there... he's/she's/it's no fun.
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User Info: waffles3537

4 years ago#39
Well for starters in the old Bioshock games you could hold every weapon and it didn't cost anything to upgrade the weapons that would have been nice to be able to not worry about your funds to upgrade weapons because of how many different type of weapons there are it's impossible to upgrade every weapon and because you can only hold 2 guns at a time and you run out ammo so quickly that holding every gun would have been helpful.

You run out of salts really quickly that is annoying even when you upgrade to maximum salt you still run out way quicker than you would in the other bioshocks. bucking bronco is lame they should of just gave us telekinesis instead of that, the last vigor you get right back at ya or whatever is so stupid i upgraded it to the max and it still sucked, to me the only ones worth using are shock jockey,undertow together or murder of crows even possession was really good in this game too.

Don't make enough money you have too many guns and vigors in this game it would of been one thing to give us a new game + have all our stuff carry over but it doesn't so its just useless to even bother upgrading everything.

For a game that has infinite amount of worlds why aren't there multiple endings? it just doesn't make any sense give us a different path to take.

Handymen are way too overpowered why is something that big able to move faster than me? I don't have any dodging capabilities, no traps, no TNT barrels to shoot or throw at him just very limited way to get the upperhand on him.

User Info: THE_JOKE_KING33

4 years ago#40
NefariousSpawn posted...
The creepiness factor... not nearly enough of it... the first games had the steampunk and sifi-thriller feeling, this only had one or two good jumping moments and the enemies are now 100% on the steampunk side.

Just saying, Bioshock 1 and 2 were more Dieselpunk than Steampunk.
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