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User Info: VicViper_Mk2

1 week ago#1
Hello guys, if you beaten the game thoroughly and wants to change things up a bit, then how about a few hacks to power up Iji to game-breaking level. Like Yukabacera and his gang I'm going to show you how it's done, but use them at your discretion.

Get Cheat Engine, open it and attach the game's process. Now we're ready

Let's start by getting skill points. Set the value type to double. Now play though sector 1 and get at least 3 points. Use exact value search and input 3 and click first scan, after the results use 1 point at the upgrade station and change the value to 2 and click next scan. You may have to repeat this until you reach 0 point. You should be able to see one of the few remaining address that changes accordingly. Select it and change the value to a number you desire, I just put 99 because it's more than enough. Go back into the game and you should see the changes. Now you can pump up everything but crack in sector 1, and be fully powered at the beginning of sector 2. Everything should be a lot easier now.

If you're going on a rampage and find that ammo for the more powerful guns are too little, you can hack your ammo supply. It's also under double, and follows the same method as finding skill points, only here you'll find the right address after 2 scans. Change the ammo to your desired number (but don't go past 99) or freeze the value to make it infinite. Now you can go to town with MPFB and Velocithor or any weapon without having to worry about ammo.

Health also falls under double, makes Ultimortal run a joke.

But this next hack is perhaps the most useful, because it completely throws the difficulty out the window, and turns Iji into the next Iosa. I'm talking about disabling the cooldown on the nanogun (and when switching weapons) Here's how to do it.

This can be done with any weapon, shotgun is better since it's default, but resonance detonator's long cooldown time can make the search easier. Anyway once you decided make sure the weapon is ready to fire (no cooldown) Change the value type to 4 byte, and input 4294967295 and click first scan. After the results fire the gun and quickly press Esc to pause the game and change the scan type from exact value to decreased value and hit next scan. Now press Esc to un-pause the game for a brief second and then pause it again (as long as you see the cooldown bar counting down) and select next scan. Repeat this a few times until you see an address with a double digit value counting down to 0 (this value typically starts around 100 when the cooldown is started) Select the address and change the value to 1, and the freeze it. And it's done! go back into the game and hold down the fire button and be amazed.

All the non-auto weapons will now be automatic, with also an increased rate of fire. Perhaps the most beneficial weapon to this hack is the MPFB, making it rapid fire just like Krotera's. No enemies, not even Maximum charge Tor can withstand this rapid fire explosive mayhem for more than a few seconds. Just don't use the Velocithor with this as it has a chance of crashing the game (besides the weapon is already auto fire)

Even for those playing pacifist games this can still benefit greatly. Such as instantly changing weapon without wait, and using the Injection Shell (in combination with max crack stat and ammo hack) to hack enemies and objects without fail, easily netting you the nanomaster title.

Oh and I need to point out, this cooldown hack will only work on 1 sector each, that is once you start the next level the address stops functioning, and you'll have to delete it and repeat the steps to find the new working one. There is a process to always find the right address, but I have yet to learn it, so I'll have to do it the hard way.

So thank you for listening, and remember to use these hacks at your discretion. But if you want to totally rip into the game (and make Iosa feel inadequate) then by all means, you'll have a blast and a good chuckle. Cheers.
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