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User Info: Puffolotti

1 year ago#1
Hello, sorry for bothering you every 5 minutes.

i recently subscribed to OpenGameArt.org, and stumbled in a doubt about the answer .38 from the F.A.Q.S in Remar.se website.

" Of course, and you can sell them too as long as they don't include material taken straight from the original game, like graphics and music. "

Remade graphic such as this:



falls in the definition of "taken straight from the original game" or is allowed?

I do not intend to sell games made with my graphic, but i wish to release such sprites licensed as public domain.
There is no victory, there is no defeat. there is only work to do.

User Info: Puffolotti

1 year ago#2
Whops, i forgot: here the conversation about the issue:

There is no victory, there is no defeat. there is only work to do.

User Info: Ultimortal

1 year ago#3
With "taken straight from the original game", it literally means the exact resources used in Iji (the exact sprites, sound files and such). In other words, all your work is fine to use in a commercial product, or for free.

To clarify further, even using the original assets would be perfectly fine since you're not selling your work, as long as you give credit. Basically I just don't want people selling my free content as if they had made it themselves (which has happened before), but that's definitely not what you're doing. I hope that clears things up!
Original freeware games and more: http://www.remar.se/daniel

User Info: Puffolotti

11 months ago#4
Thank you.

About "classic" sprites

(Designed to blend with the original game Iji, like this one: https://ibb.co/M1D8bpW )

I ceased the production. One of the reasons for that was not to give a reason to steal your sprites (Also i'm busy with my work. I can't do all. I wish the day had 144 hours :D)

Should i receive requests for specific actions in classic style, (I.E. Iosa performing a Thomas's kick), i'll perform a reasonable investigation to understand if who asks them stole the basic sprites.
I'm not the smartest of detectives, but i should be able to spot anybody who stole the basic sprites and comes to me for extra actions.

If you.Ultimortal wish to add some actions to your game (Tasen soldiers idling, Iji herself idling...) let me know.

About WFC cels...
If i don't have to spend anymore energy in preventing theft or license infringment...(At the conditions you just explained, of course.)

...It's Time to give to both Tasen and Komato some serious fighting skills and elegance.

I'm overjoyed, up to now i purposely designed my sprites for low.tier job-interview level, now i can go all out and unleash the wrath of the imperially imperious empress of the imperial empire

Scuba diving, Spearfishing, walls and ceilings climbing, rollerskating, spectacular 720° kicks, rope-jumping...

Possibility of storing the weapons in order to sacrificing firepower to get movement speed...

And perhaps even some hair pulling, (If anyone comes in the battlefield with luscious untied 3 ft long hairs stronger than nylon, Cough... cough...)

All of this with a 3 layered armor with fixed and pop-up grieve edges and trench knives, and convenient pods where to store the guns when a poor devil needs their hands free.

Thank you again for your answer, and sorry for taking your time.

I repeat, to me is a hobby.
Even if in the future i'll draw my hat for offers it will be just for a laugh.

Oook, time to go to work.


P.S. I will provide versions with the classic helmets and raptor's toes.
There is no victory, there is no defeat. there is only work to do.
(edited 11 months ago)
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