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User Info: Puffolotti

1 year ago#1
Right now i saw the entry about a new level for Doom II in this page

For who is reading this but doesn't know me, i'm drawing new versions of the monsters and characters that appeared in the Videogame Iji, ready to be used in game developing tools, such as:

RPG maker

I'm confident that the appropriate version of a sprite can be also used in developing platformers or scrolling beat'em up or adventure games.

This reminded me i finished the basic spritesets to create Doom monsters based on Iji (Tasen, Komato, Iji pissed off with 1UP, Iji's face for the HUD) It's missing general Tor and his mecha, i'm planning to draw them in future.

I'll program the monsters hopefully in 2019, but if anyone wants to put Tasen or Komato or both into Doom, here i stored the cels required to build the sprites and therefore the monsters..


Here the roles of the sprites i have in mind:

As you can see in the Doom version the aliens are avians, and for some classes i realized a male and female version, with some subtle differences in animation based on swamp birds, instead of mammals.
(In the MUGEN version the aliens are lapinoids, for said version i took inspiration from the novel Watership Down, by Richard Adams)

6 and 1/2 things about those spritesets:

1) In the first set of cels of every monster's base (The one facing toward the "camera", conventionally south) there are 2 words of it's role in my version and how it will fight or behave in case is neutral or friendly, sometime i spent a couple words in the difference between my version and the version in the original game Iji by Daniel Remar.
Anyone using those sprites may have different ideas about how to use them, but perhaps the role of the class might help in building and tuning the animations.

2) I changed the komato-ish stance because having the center of gravity over the left toe while appearing cool and intimidating in Doom is way beyond my current skills.

3) Some sets are bigger than needed, to allow other developers to draw komato bigger, (using the scaling within Doom) or even invent new classes (komato devastator, komato destroyer, komato scoundrel, komato ice-cream salesman, komato mechanic... you name it.)

4) Regretfully, when i made Ansaksie's sprite for Doom it didn't come to my mind that assassins may have 5 teleports effects on each frame, only later i thought that other developers may need those (Assuming there will be another version other than mine before the universe collapses)

5) In my Doom version Iosa dies standing, so i didn't draw her falling actions.

6 and 6.1) About Ansaksie, in my version she has a twin sister who is a Berserker, the 2 twins are considerably smaller than average komato, because this is requested by my storylines, but it is obvious that Ansaksie can be built with a female assassin spriteset.

That's about it. When i'll have some time and focus i'll model, animate and render Tor and Tor's mecha for Doom, altough in my version they aren't supposed to appear.

That said, i wish to everyone a nice day.
There is no victory, there is no defeat. there is only work to do.
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