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User Info: Puffolotti

2 years ago#1
Hello. For who doesn't know me, last year i decided to redraw Iji's actors (sprites)

For modders who want to work on the original game, ( https://puffolotti4iji.deviantart.com/gallery/62712386/classic-sprites-for-Iji-modding )

for MUGEN developers, ( https://puffolotti4iji.deviantart.com/gallery/62811301/M-U-G-E-N-sprites )

and for DOOM ports. ( https://puffolotti4iji.deviantart.com/gallery/62805263/Sprites-for-Doom-2 )

And in future i'll cover isometric and adventure games (Like Monkey island or Undertale) as well.

I had to change some details and notions to get things to work on the other platforms, but i think i have been reasonably faithful to the original work.

As i said in the Gif i drew to celebrate this anniversary, there is still a lot of work to do, but when i look back i realize i already did a lot of work.


I don't know if anybody beside myself will use the sprites i'm drawing, and i must admit i'm more oriented in massive production rather than objective quality, but after a year i can say that if someone decides to make a mod for Doom or a MUGEN game and starts right now, they won't get to the point they have to wait for the next sprites.

If anybody has got further questions i'll be happy to answer, except to one. If anybody asks me "why?" i won't answer because i can name 1000 reasons, but right now even i don't really know why i'm doing this, i have got the feeling i will find out by proceding further in the project, but my feelings about that can be condensed in the following words:

When i heard there was Iji 1.7, i thought: "it would be nice if somebody, someday draws spritesets about Iji in different styles for various free and indipendent game developing envirovments, such as gamemaker, doom, mugen... resources that will be free, for everyone, forever, allowing who wants to tell a story to use royalty free sprites."
And the next instant i asked myself: "why somebody someday? why not me? why not today?"

My project is the answer to those 2 questions.
There is no victory, there is no defeat. there is only work to do.

User Info: Puffolotti

2 years ago#2
I drew 2 appropriate images, to represent the flow of time


I forgot to tell-remind a couple things:

I don't document very much my workflow, solutions, scripts, stylistic decisions,and the reasoning behind them, and i don't go "clubbing" on facebook or twitter or such, because my goal is production, my goal is to get the spritesets done.
This is also the reason that brought me in this very forum, I feel it is correct to link my project to this forum to allow communications to me without bluntly requiring people who wants to talk about my project (if any) to subscribe to Deviant Art.
I don't plan to turn this hobby into a job, as a matter of facts i plan to never turn this project in a job. Perhaps when it will be complete i may evaluate the "If you has time i has money" letters that may come to me, of course if the object has nothing to do with Iji's universe. As long as i'm working on this project i won't ask for offers or accept them.

Fundamentally, altough i would appreciate feedback and critics on mistakes that would speed up my work, and suggestions, ideas, that would amplify it, i don't need support. The point of my project is that when i'm producing, i'm alone.
Looking for visibility would slow down the production.

The time it would take me to express and translate in (awful) english such things is subtracted from production, but my methods aren't a secret. For the reasons mentioned above i didn't make tutorials, yet, but if someone wants to try making 2.5d sprites i'll gladly explain how i do mine.

I remind that my sprites on DA inherit the licence of the original sprites for Iji. Anyone can use them for their game, cartoons, web-comics, or any kind of project including postcards and love-letters, as long as doesn't use them for commercial purposes.

Pretty much, following more production lines at the same time, i could say that when i'm tired of making mugen sprites i work on doom sprites, or wfc, nobody is after me, if somebody needs a specific sprite for DOOM, MUGEN or to mod the original game, (IDK, komato beast eating from a bowl or getting patted, tasen soldier performing a drop kick, Iji running and tackling, aware of the fact she can't fire before she completely stops, tasen elite walking crouched to cross a 7ft corridor...) i'll give high priority to such request.

Ook. I guess that's all for this first anniversary. Sorry again for my awful english and thank you for your kind attention.
There is no victory, there is no defeat. there is only work to do.

User Info: Ultimortal

2 years ago#3
Puffolotti posted...
I don't document very much my workflow, solutions, scripts, stylistic decisions,and the reasoning behind them, and i don't go "clubbing" on facebook or twitter or such, because my goal is production, my goal is to get the spritesets done.

I know that feeling - I'd much rather get things done than talk about the things I want to do, or have done. I work fastest when I'm alone and have no distractions. Although of course, at my job we do things that would be out of my scope or expertise to do alone.

Sorry I don't have much to say about your work specifically, but I'm glad people are doing fanstuff for my games! After all, sharing what I've created is part of why I do it (another part is just because I want to). Good luck!
Original freeware games and more: http://www.remar.se/daniel

User Info: Puffolotti

2 years ago#4
Thank you very much. On a side i'm kinda sorry i didn't read:"WOW! So this is the punch that gives to things the form gods intended for them"
On the other side, i'm glad we are keeping viking komato separate from friulian komato

I don't mean to waste your time, but since i'm proceeding quite fast, and solution may be lost in an ocean of cels, i feel i have the moral obligation of stopping a bir in order to explain a couple choices.

About some notions he says in the original game, Dan could be mistaken, in my version i assume he's not omniscent.

Dan can watch the passages in the facility, but since he watches the situation trough security cameras and can't understand tasen speech, he's unaware of what happens in production areas where there aren't cameras. he can only guess.

TLDR: If nobody is interested in heavily modding the original games Iji 1.6 or Iji 1.7 i will draw only the classic-sprites i feel like drawing to kill time or to rest from drawing doom, mugen, wfc sprites.
About Doom, Mugen, AGS sprites, i had to accept compromises.
I wished and tried to model armors that look like the original, but then it wouldn't have been realistic to pose them in reasonable time. If i proceeded on that path without compromise, by now i would have done just 100 or 200 cels of [tasen scout], instead of the 20'000+ (i'm not counting) of several actors i did in the last six months.

To draw a couple cels and then giggle: "Tee-hee...Now if somebody wants to draw the get hit actions..."
Would have been pointless: if someone draws a spriteset without get-hit actions, and expects somebody else to draw them, he can wait till universe collapses, that spriteset will stay incomplete forever. No matter how juicy the incomplete spriteset is.
Without compromises, i could as well have joined the army of: "somebody else, someday will."

If i had give an advice to aspiring developers is to start a spriteset with the get-hit actions.

My version of Komato armors is loosely inspired by the beagle boys.


If or when i'll produce classic sprites, unless 2-300 cels for a sprite are required, it wouldn't be convenient to convert your model to be used with my method, and if i do that, probably my version of your models wouldn't be usable by anyone else, so there is no point for me to adapt your models.

A word about the other 2 human anomalies.

FPS and 1 on 1 fighting games are drastically different from a platformer game, so i invented 2 new characters that are regarded as "Human anomaly"

In Doom we'll have Verlaine "The believer" Byron.

TL:DR Verlaine Byron can be considered versed in tasen, komato and crack

It was born as a joke, but then, when reflecting upon how to render Iji's nanogun in Doom, i stumbled in so many problems, that i decided to switch the character, so i won't have to solve the adaptation of the nanogun. In Doom version, the pistol Verlaine brought along is like a mere toy, he'll find out he needs tasen projectiles, but unlike Iji, Byron is an experienced soldier, and specifically he's a saboteur specialized in anti-guerrilla, i tryed to summarize this character into the following panel.

In Mugen we'll have Ava Lee.

TL:DR Ava Lee can be considered an human anomaly that's versed in health, strenght and assimilation, but can reflect projectiles.

who somehow is Iji and somehow is a different person. Let say is an alternate reality where the facility exists but the persons working in it are different.
There is no victory, there is no defeat. there is only work to do.

User Info: Puffolotti

2 years ago#5
P.S. the only problem i have that would require assistance... i drew a sketch about that too.

But i'll solve that, eventually.

Then i'll remind to people that wants to have a go at developing games but can't find royalty-free spritesets and don't have the time to learn how to draw:

About the spritesets i'm making, I carefully avoid to use the expressions: "my spritesets" or "my cels", when i do is to be more fluent, but the spriteset i'm making are born as non-commercial common creative. I'm the dude who brought them to existence, but the moment i publish them, they belong to everybody.
whatever can be found on the semi-official page of my project
can be used for any non-commercial project.

Of course other authors may come with different ideas on how to use my sprite, if i guessed right.
komato cels can be reused as resurrected/hiding dinosaurs, future humans, lab experiments fighting for freedom, devils from hell, morlocks, aliens that inspired prophets letting them believe they were angels or such, or 1'000 other concepts that i can imagine, and 10'000 other concepts that i can't imagine right now.

I'm going to develop a couple games with my sprites, also to make available in future spritesets that are already anchored and named according to some standards of gaming developing, when i'll start coding, there will be template characters where movements and get-hit actions will be already correctly set. A couple steps further from simply giving the raw spriteset.

I choosed to explore more possibilities within Iji's universe, (Like the 3 stranded komato troopers that instead of blindly open fire regards the [human anomaly] like human soldier would regard a cat or a dog approaching their camp, possibilities are endless.)

I doodled the following cartoon as an example of how said sprites don't have to absolutely be about the war between tasen and komato.

But, and i want to repeat this in case it isn't obvious: it is not mandatary to use those sprites in Iji's universe.
There is no victory, there is no defeat. there is only work to do.

User Info: Puffolotti

2 years ago#6
I forgot to mention a thing that it may be the most important thing about new fanart...

There is a 2nd level fan-art. I mean, a fan-art of my fan-art, i don't know how it is officially called.
After i designed a Vateilika version for M.U.G.E.N. ...

A person realized a fan art from my version.


Letting aside the questions about the design, the skeleton perhaps too human, discussions if tasen have hairs, feather, living snakes, on their heads or if they should never be seen without helmet... questions that will help me provide more sprites..

I am pretty happy myself, but i hope that knowing fanart about Iji spreaded trough a further level will make you more happy as you were before learning that.
There is no victory, there is no defeat. there is only work to do.

User Info: Ultimortal

2 years ago#7
When it comes to voice actors, I just used the help of my friends, and other students and teachers I knew at the time. The only one who wasn't happy with their performance was Iosa's actress (and I have to agree, she worked better as the generic Elites and Assassins, and various roles in Ittle Dew 2).

I've said it before, but there's no canon design for what the Tasen and Komato look like underneath the helmets, and it's unknown to what extent they modified themselves - or even what the limits of their genetic engineering is. Their helmets hint at them having a beak though, which was confirmed in version 1.7. Whether you want to come up with your own design is up to you.
Original freeware games and more: http://www.remar.se/daniel

User Info: Puffolotti

2 years ago#8
About the voices, since i decided to separate the mugen Human anomaly from Iji kataiser, i think i'll have my sister make the sounds for my version of human anomaly. (AvA)
For the rest, i ripped Iji 1.6 In the doom version Iji is supposed to be an invincible boss triggered by some of the player's decisions. If "angered" She chases the player, reflects everything and will destroy some walls.

For the fighting game i choosed to make Tasen humanoids to reinforce the concept that the human anomaly is the "beast" in the cast, i removed the signature nano-gun to underline the fact she's perceived by Tasen like a savage monster. Ava speaks very broken tasen, rarely can put more than 3 words together.

About the look: also this decision was taken to allow myself to produce an huge amount of cels and spritesets in a reasonable amount of time. I put in the spritesets even cels i won't need, to allow other developer to make different characters. In my list of the things to do i have Iji in WFC style hang the nanogun like a pursue for brachiation, sliding, leopard crawl, and such.

I tried to design them with a beak, but right now it would be quite time-consuming, but since 3d programs will allow me to simply swap the helmet with a head, i can assure in future i'll apply my design to the model and re-render the sprites.

The one in red is supposed to be ansaksie.

I tried something a little more specific.
here the concept sketch

here a sketch to test the idea.
But i don't think i'll do anything with this style.

And, just for laugh, i tried to make a duckburg-ish version... let's call it a double-fanart
I don't think i will do any other duckburg-ish version unless requested, but i think it could get interesting.

A little cultural trivia: in italy it is quite common to use "beak" instead of "mouth" so the phrase: "Non dovrebbe mettere il becco in quella faccenda" "they shouldn't put their beak in that question" doesn't can lead hypotetical aliens to believe humans sport a beak, but in this case doesn't mean humans have a beak.

However, as said above, when i'll have the required spritesets for the mugen game and for the doom game, i'll prepare avian and dino-versions of the characters, for AGS or RPG or cutscenes in general.
There is no victory, there is no defeat. there is only work to do.
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