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User Info: Puffolotti

2 years ago#1
I have a question that may sound weird, for the MUGEN game i'm developing.

I wish to include [Reallyjoel's dad] as playable character (it won't appear as opponent) in the fighting game i'm developing.

He'll be drawn and animated in a way that make it looks like he blocks everything and when he loses his health it looks like he allows the opponent to go further because he's convinced they must have good reasons to do what they are doing.
I did a as generic as possible sketch, where he's wearing a bandana on his face because of acid rain (within the game storyline, my reason for drawing him that way is to make him a misterious character.)

Right now i posed a generic fit man, about 1,95 tall (so the weight is about 110kg) to make it easy to balance in a game where most of the characters are over 2,4 meter tall...


Now i'm drawing the sprites in production standard, and soon i'll have to re-design Reallyjoel's dad's sprite.

But, if it is possible i wish to know if anybody (including of course the people at ludosity or even reallyjoel's dad himself) has a say or may suggest a look, or a body type that is more convincing or even more faithful to the real person that in first place inspired the feature in the game Iji
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User Info: ZeldaMutant

2 years ago#2
He has to look like an actual dad, at least. The actual Reallyjoel's dad is probably older than 60.

User Info: Puffolotti

2 years ago#3
Sooo, i tried a sketch,


perhaps i should give him a beard. what do you think about this draft?


In the drawing below i imagine ReallyJoel's dad meeting Vateilika in sector 3, in stead of the human anomaly, and getting the situation explained to him, in order to understand and solve the problem.

There is no victory, there is no defeat. there is only work to do.

User Info: Ultimortal

2 years ago#4
From my experience with the real reallyjoel's dad, he wouldn't want to have his actual likeness in a game, so just do what you think looks good. Then there's the old Iji MSPaint adventure where reallyjoel's dad was a shirtless, blindfolded, bald, bearded and musclebound old man, but I can't find a picture anymore for some reason.
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User Info: Puffolotti

2 years ago#5
Thank you very much.
Your version sounds a little like Muten roshi or Tung Fu Rue. Nothing against it, but in MUGEN there already are several characters that fit such description.

Aniway i'm not sure i'll put ReallyJoel's dad into the first edition of the game. Perhaps i should work on him for later editions.

-what follows is a longer and probably unnecessary explanation

I wanted to put along with the other fighters a character that is "normal", without being a joke character, kinda like a mere human that has to fight against tigers, rendering his storyline really difficult to win.

the three starting candidates were

Tuva (the very first foe Iji meets in the original game, here i made a sketch https://puffolotti4iji.deviantart.com/art/Tiger-683022379 )

Elsa Hautki ( https://puffolotti4iji.deviantart.com/art/I-ll-send-you-to-the-shores-of-hell-702125408 )

And of course ReallyJoel's Dad.

I started working on Tuva, but him fighting against positive Tasen doesn't make any sense, so right now i have to decide the last slot for the first edition goes to a normal tasen soldier (In my version Vateilika is a fencing genius and Yukabacera is basically a walking enciclopedia of anti aircraft weaponry) or to Reallyjoel's dad.

I'd like more to include Elsa Hautki, because it would make the first edition more homogeneus, and The Human anomaly would be the "Blanka" of the situation.

The situation is, i have no idea about how to design Elsa Hautki, if i don't get inspiration for her or another character before i finish the remaining 4 characters's movesets, i'll put Reallyjoel'sdad in the first edition.
There is no victory, there is no defeat. there is only work to do.
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