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User Info: Malady

2 years ago#1
So, I guess the scientists in the opening are behind a shielded door 'cause they got shot, then closed the door behind them? That's why, even though they got breached by the Tasen, they weren't accessible to Iji?

On the Harder modes, do Health Packs and stuff affect the enemies like they do you? Or do they use them like it's on Normal Mode?

User Info: Ultimortal

2 years ago#2
I think the idea was that they weren't shot until they were in the other room. The Tasen either assumed Iji was dead, or they didn't find her since the door locked behind the scientists on their way out. I dunno really. :p

I just looked in the code, and enemies only gain 1 HP from red nanofields, no matter what.
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User Info: Puffolotti

2 years ago#3
It's a tasen door. Beside the fact it is convenient for the platformer dynamics, i would imagine tasen are trying to separate the areas of the facility just in case humans are able to organize a counter attack, perhaps using blits, that are supposed to be harmless to who isn't hosting nano-bots.

In my MUGEN fan-version it is explained that tasen scouts tend to wander and stray away. Some of them aren't even able to remove their helmets by themselves. this could be an explanation for the doors.

In level 3 it may happen, if right conditions are meet, that Vateilika explains that the tasen are the one who comparted the facility.

In the original games, at the end of the first level, Iji wants to be reassured about the fact Tasen aren't human.

For several reasons i drawed a more average-looking human anomaly, but beside this, in her storyline she will realize and accept from the beginning that tasen aren't humans, but it is implied that she'll assume scouts and soldiers are already adults, and only when she'll meet adult tasen she'll realize that scout are indeed children.

So i solved the question about the operation imagining she is in another room, last operation happened several hours ago, what wakes her up are the tasen weapons fired against the doctors who upgraded her, in the operating room. Tasen inspect the place and then they are the ones who seal it off to prevent either scouts from straying too much or to reduce the area they have to control.

BTW. since usually such operations require the subject to get their head shaved i'm considering to re-draw my version of Iji with shaved head and several nano-blinking operation scars on her limbs and head, much like Mukai from KOF2003
(In my current schedule i should be working on her on january or february 2018, here a rough sketch https://puffolotti4iji.deviantart.com/art/Iji-Kataiser-for-MUGEN-Original-and-ported-703448167 A.S.A.P. i'll draw a version with short hairs, like shaved 7-10 days before and said scars. )
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  3. More questions from Malady. About the Beginning and Harder Modes.
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