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User Info: SashaS

2 years ago#1
Hi Daniel, I hope the numerous Iji threads don’t bug you so much, as I want to sincerely thank you for creating this amazing game.
A friend had shown it to me when I was a child (recently turned 19, so probably when I was ~10) but I couldn’t remember it at all until I’ve tried it out 3 days ago, after seeing it mentioned on some game forum about pacifist games. The memories of playing through it slowly returned when I noticed how familiar the Asha fight felt (didn’t level Komato & Tasen stats on my first run, was stuck with the Pacifist ending), but when I foresaw that Tor would fight me in a colorful mecha suit I just knew I had already experienced this.
Anyways, Iji is underrated as hell imo and I hope it one day gets the recognition it deserves, but I have two questions:

1)What actually caused the significant slowdown moments in <1.6? I’ve played it on a fairly powerful machine and it ran perfectly smooth, except for the big boss fights. Was it a problem in the earliest versions too?
2)What happened to Iji in the violent ending where she ends up alone? I mean, she must have had conflicting feelings about Origin’s future, maybe similar to Tor, after the Komato left.

So yeah, thanks in advance and since I can’t throw money at you, I’ll just toss you a bit of my fan art:
It’s not posted anywhere else, so it’s just for you to enjoy :D
In summary, thank you so much for giving us this wonderful game. I’ve been working on a small alien game since last year with the mindset that this type of stories don’t resonate well with people, Iji has really changed my perspective on this.

This time I will remember your game for long!

User Info: ZeldaMutant

2 years ago#2
That fanart is amazing.

User Info: Ultimortal

2 years ago#3
Thank you, and thanks for the fanart! It's always a little odd to me when people tell me they played Iji as a kid - I forget how old it is, and it makes me feel old too :)

1)What actually caused the significant slowdown moments in <1.6?

It's down to Game Maker compatibility issues - GM5.3A uses DirectDraw, which depending on the system or graphics card doesn't always work very well. Iji was developed in Windows 98 with a 16 MB graphics card (later a 32 MB card), and could run at 300 FPS on that system with the framerate limit turned off, so the actual power of the system has very little to do with how well it runs.

Iji 1.7 was converted to GM 7.0 which runs in Direct3D, but that may have some other issues as well, notably the sound since GM7.0 also uses a completely different sound system.

2)What happened to Iji in the violent ending where she ends up alone?

Do you mean the ending where Iji survives, but Dan is dead? I imagine Iji going back to the nearest human settlement and living there. The ending imples that other humans at least know of Iji and what she did, considering that the town in the ending has walls if Iji was violent, but no walls if she wasn't.
Original freeware games and more: http://www.remar.se/daniel
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