Wow, it's almost been 8 years?

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User Info: Excalibur

1 year ago#1
I recently started thinking about Iji, as I do every now and then, wondering if there was any news about the fabled compatibility update, and I started poking around to see what's been going on, eventually realizing that Iji is nearly 8 years old! Amazing that it's already been that long.

Iji is one of my favorite games, but the only way I can play it nowadays is to dig out my old, failing laptop. So I pretty much always have "has Iji been updated yet?" on my mind! I've seen some comments on how it's a side project, but since those area little on the old side I'm curious to hear of what the progress is like right now.

I'm kinda rambling at this point. I guess I just wanted to say "I'm looking forward to playing Iji again!" and "Thank you so much for creating such a deep, engaging experience that stuck with me for 8 years!"
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User Info: Ultimortal

1 year ago#2
Thanks, and sorry about the lack of news - since most of my time goes to work (with crazy amounts of voluntary overtime on Ittle Dew 2 last year), relaxing from work (due to the former), and just life in general, anything hobby-related takes a really long time. :( I'm still planning to have a go at Iji 1.7 after the Strawberry game, which will hopefully be done this summer. It annoys me more than anyone that pretty much nothing has happened on my homepage since Hyper Princess Pitch - the Strawberry game was supposed to be done several years ago. :p

There was a promising attempt by someone to port Iji to Game Maker Studio, but I completely forgot about it and I don't know the status of that project at the moment... >_>_<_<
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