raocow is LPing Iji (Blind)

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User Info: Sebby19

2 years ago#1
raocow is an LPer who has been around since its inception on Something Awful. He's a really wacky guy, and I think you'd guys would enjoy watching him. So far, he's completed Sector 7

His website: www.raocow.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/raocow

It is kind of cringe worthy at points though. He went onto Hard mode for his first ever run, and then fell in love with kicking things, so invested solely into Strength early on. He only got the Rocket launcher in Sector 5! Typical raocow....

I have prepared a near complete save file to send, so he will be able to experience the Pacifist changes in Sector 8, 9, and X, along with all the weapons, and info on Z. Then I'll send him a 100% file so he can get the Null Driver :)

If Daniel Remar ever happens on this, I invite you to raocow's forum and maybe discuss the game with us. Some people want to know why you can't run, or jump and shoot.
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