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User Info: Kaelin

2 years ago#1
So about six months ago (early/mid March), I acknowledged I was going nuts trying to arrange/adapt song4.mp3 from Princess Remedy into sheet music. There wasn't a *practical* reason for doing so, and while I had played the trombone once upon a time, I lacked the ability to bring out a piano... much less a small ensemble... to play all those parts. It was mainly a diversion that grew out of liking jazz some time ago, and this one song just really stuck with me as I tried to power my way through Master difficulty of Princess Remedy.

I still have no ensemble to summon, nor have I developed my piano-playing ability, nor could I finish off the final boss on Master. However, I did pick up my trusty trombone in late April (at a time life was giving me some real headaches) and start playing the darned thing again. And realizing that sheet music was considerably more accessible than the last time I tried looking, I began to find things in certain areas (mainly video games and jazz) that were fun to play. I don't know how long I'm going to keep it up, but I'm still playing... and even though I'm only doing it for myself right now, I have little reason to stop. And when I bring the melody down an octave (early part) or two (late part), I still enjoy playing the tune that started it all, because it *still* feels good.

The music is an obvious strong point in Remar games, but I wouldn't know about the music if it wasn't a part of games that are broadly fun to play. So, thank you to everyone involved, because not only do you make sweet games, but they helped move someone to rediscover playing an instrument when there was no (immediate) payoff for doing so.

For good measure, I did try to make one last set of orchestration tweaks to this track to make it sound decent. It's still lacks some of the instrumentation and embellishments from the original track, but it should at least sound plausible as an adaption and mostly capture the right notes. There's even a website that allows you to play the sheet music without having to install fancy software. (yes, "Shark of Omen Shore" stuck)

I'm looking forward to the Strawberry Game and what it can accomplish with its particular game mechanics, but the view looking back is pretty sweet, too. Really, it's been an amazing ride getting to take in these games.

User Info: Ultimortal

2 years ago#2
Thanks, and you're welcome. :) I finally got to hear your arranged score now. I sent the link to Mattias too.

Game making has been both a hobby and a way to get through some hard times (that's how the strawberry game was born). It makes me happy to hear stories like this. I've never grasped music creation, just doing some tracking now and then with a few years in between attempts, but I always end up frustrated that I can't reproduce the music I imagine in my head. :p
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