Strawberry game, yearly status question

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User Info: Baron__Creel

2 years ago#1
Hey Daniel, I was just wondering what's the status on Strawberry game? Are you still developing it? If so, any progress? Is your schedule going to be more forgiving in the coming year?
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User Info: Ultimortal

2 years ago#2
I was just about to write something about that on my homepage actually, since it's been silent for so long. Basically I've been focusing on Ittle Dew 2 really hard the last few months, and felt that my most recent wave of motivation (and time) for spare time stuff had run out, so I'm letting it rest again.

Overall it's just taking way too long for such a small game. v_v Eventhough it got started in 2009, I've only actually been working on it for about a year in total. On the other hand, Ittle Dew 2 is a lot of fun to work on.
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