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User Info: iluvww

9 years ago#1
How do I defeat the Minotaur with the assassin? How do I utilize the cape? Keep being killed, with little damage to Minotaur, stuck please help!

User Info: Akytalusia

9 years ago#2
i haven't reached any minotaur yet (that i can remember) but if it's past the undead area, then... try this setup, it's convinced me the assassin is way OP because i haven't met an opponent yet that's given me any hint of trouble.

dual weild an epic wyvern poison and legendary wyven poison
14 damage on the first turn, then 27 damage per turn, for the next 7 turns, for a cost of 39 action points.... helps.
(don't upgrade the legendary to epic, or it won't stack.)

for skills use

the red strike
the yellow strike
the blue strike
the green strike
(forgot what they were called, but yeah, those.)

if you start your assualt after collecting either 39 action points or at least 25 of each color, you can practicaly perpetuate your turn until the enemy dies if you use this strategy:

just start with disarm, then keep using colored strikes or manual movements that give you 4 or 5+ rows until there aren't anymore, then use your epic, next turn, repeat and use legendary, for the next turn and every turn after that, repeat the process but instead of using a weapon when you run out of bonuses, just use whatever color gets in the most hits at the time. reapply your disarm or poisons if you need to, but you probably won't. after you're prepared and start your official assualt, the enemy usually dies way before either of them run out.

i also recommend ancient type scalemail armors and a daemonic pendant, upgraded as much as you can afford.
with this setup and strategy, the assassin is unstoppable. nothing even comes close.
"I'm fine." - Yuki, TMoHS
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