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User Info: ERR0R2

10 years ago#1
Just thought I'd share my post-game Sorcerer build for beginners/etc looking for an easy way through the game with as much information as I can give since I had a hard time finding this information. Using this build, I never lost a match and it's really easy to kill your enemies.

This is a level 50 sorcerer so remember you won't have the same skills when you start the game, obviously.

Stats: (Stats shown in brackets indicates what they are with equipment bonuses)
Strength: 11 (16)
Agility: 16 (21)
Intelligence: 24 (29)
Stamina: 10 (15)
Morale: 19 (24)

Other Stats: (These include equipment bonuses)
HP: 377
Attack: 6
Defense: 82
Spell Resist: 44%
Spell Penetration: 29%
Weapon Critical: 16% (Ignore this because you won't be using weapons)
Shield Critical: 15% (Ignore this because you won't be using shields)

Head: Epic Glyphic Scalemail Helm (Armor 12, Spell Resist +4)
Body: Epic Glyphic Scalemail Armor (Armor 37, Spell Resist +4)
Neck: Epic Daemonic Pendant (Str +5, Agi +5, Int +5, Sta+5, Mor +5, Skull Damage +2)
Feet: Epic Glyphic Scalemail Boots (Armor 12, Spell Resist +4)
Right Hand: Epic Glyphic Green Mana Tonic (Green Mana +7 for every green gem match, lasts 14 turns, Costs 2AP, Spell Resist +4)
Left Hand: Epic Glyphic Blue Mana Tonic (Blue Mana +7 for every blue gem match, lasts 14 turns, Costs 2AP, Spell Resist +4)

Wild Mana: Great for gaining extra mana and extra turns
Mana Blast: You will win VERY quickly with this.
Mirror Shield: Prevents the enemy from blocking and gives you extra defense too.
Chasm: Good way to rack up blue and green mana when you've used tonics, plus some damage.
Fireball: If you get a good red gem setup this can do heavy damage.

With the equipment all being Glyphic (exception being the pendant) you will have a very decent spell resist to block enemy's spells quite often. In addition, your defense will block most attacks, even before casting Mirror Shield. Since this build relies mostly on Green and Blue mana, the tonics are crucial to winning your matches quickly.

Focus on getting AP quickly. Once you have enough to use both tonics, do so. After using tonics, use chasm to grab as many blue and green gems as possible (don't even worry about the damage). Once you have a good amount, cast Mirror Shield. After mirror shield focus on collecting mana for Mana Blast and simply spam.

If you don't have Mana Blast yet, don't worry, just use the Touch of Death spell instead to collect extra turns and damage. The general strategy doesn't change much. Use Chasm and Fireball as often as you can - if you have a good red gem setup then cast Fireball before Chasm because that setup probably wont be there next turn.

I hope this helps somebody - especially if they are going up against the side quest boss battles (Arch Lich, Green Dragon, etc). Good luck!
"Go on! Touch me lucky charms, kiddies! I dare ya!" - Lucky
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  3. My Post-Game Sorcerer Build (will help with side-quest boss fights)
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