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  3. Where can i buy a retail version of this game?

User Info: Dimon101

10 years ago#1
I tried looking at "BEST BUY" and even "TOYS R US" and neither carry this for PC. I like hard copies of games as one time i had trouble with installing one from steam. Any tips where i could find one?
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User Info: FrunDeatt66

10 years ago#2
Ehhh, don't use steam. You can get the game directly from namco games for $5 cheaper. There isn't a retail version that I know of. Here's the link:

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User Info: HTMurgatroyd

10 years ago#3
I don't think it's available in a box. I got mine off bigfishgames.com.
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User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
10 years ago#4
I bought mine off Steam for $3 and have never had any trouble. Though like was previously mentioned, you could always buy it elsewhere - a place that does not require a third-party client to run the game - and just make your own hard-copy. Legally, you are allowed to make one digital backup copy of your game - you just aren't (legally) allowed to distribute the copy you made.
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  2. Puzzle Quest 2
  3. Where can i buy a retail version of this game?
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