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User Info: evangelion92

10 years ago#1
I've never played either of them, but I'm interested in puzzles in general and willing to give it a shot. I'm wondering if PQ1 or PQ2 would be the better game to play.

I read the review on XBOX360 version that mentioned about lack of exploration in PQ2 and gave the game 5/10 as a whole. Is it that big of a deal? Or is PQ2 still better than PQ1 anyway even with the lack of exploration?
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User Info: Kliffoth

10 years ago#2
PQ2 is much better than PQ1. It's on sale on Steam right now for under $14.

User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

10 years ago#3


Posted 9/6/2010 11:00:03 PM
Gyromancer is better, i deleted PQ2 and Galactrix off my 20gb hdd earlier to save space and kept the first puzzle quest and Gyromancer, that should tell u everything right there. I don't think i have complained about a game being too long in a very long time, but this game just gets very boring and repeditive, i don't get this feeling from Gyro at all, or the other puzzle quests. The only thing PQ2 got right was it is a beautiful looking game, it just doesn't feel as engaging gameplay wise as the first one, the skills are lame too, all you do from early on is get all the stones unlocked and u can kill everyone easily, the game is just too repeditive and long, it never ends... was expecting much more in the gameplay department for this game.



These pretty much sum up Puzzle Quest 2 to a tee.

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User Info: DarkMaster22

10 years ago#4
yup, you really should go for PQ1 first.
if you liked it there is a chance you'll enjoy PQ2.. or you would be disappointed like most of us.

User Info: FrunDeatt66

10 years ago#5
^Disappointed?? Ummm... what? I loved Puzzle Quest 1 and this one takes everything that had and added in some diablo elements plus a ton extra... what's not to love??

But anyways, if you download Puzzle Quest 2, you should buy it off of namco's site. They have it for $9.99, vs Steam's $14.99.

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User Info: epaacccc

10 years ago#6
No, I definitely think PQ2 is disappointing. Its just slightly better than galactrix.

Three words to sum up PQ2. Dull, boring, repetitive. The concept is just plain wrong, even puzzle kingdoms have better game concept. The story is pure filler(dont even have the etheria feel that we all love), the graphic design is ugly, the game world is filled with boring endless dungeon, gameplay is repetitive, character totally generic. I totally dont understand why they change the anime style design into something much more horrible and uninspired.

It takes more than a little push to finish the game. It will become a chore after awhile, just like galactrix.

I recommend either PQ1 or gyromancer. Gyromancer have a good design concept actually, it has a nice background story, characters, musics, graphics, its just suffer from a mediocre implementation. Although I think PQ2 have better core game/puzzle mechanics, gyromancer is better in every other department.

User Info: FrunDeatt66

10 years ago#7
Hmm... I see what you're saying, to a point. I love the way PQ1 was set up. The entire world map and stuff reminded me of Final Fantasy Tactics. I liked training mounts (to a point) and capturing enemies (again... to a point).

But I really like the Diablo-esq point-click style of PQ2. I really like the dungeon crawling. While I really miss the world map from PQ1 and all the other extras like that, I really really really like the new system. No coins or experience orbs (which were mainly filler orbs that I only matched when I couldn't get mana). The weapon system and action points are, to put it bluntly, awesome!

PQ1's story though is 1,000,000 times better than PQ2, considering there really isn't one in PQ2 (more or less). And doing side quests in PQ1 was more rewarding and worthwhile, story wise.

They both have their ups and downs, but overall I think PQ2 is better as a game. But... I think I like PQ1 better for a few personal reasons (FF:Tactics, mounts, etc).

Oh, and PQ1 is definitely the more challenging of the two. In PQ2, I have no trouble doing 40+ damage as an assasin, casing poison-disarm-and a strike attack for 2x damage. It's crazy how much damage you can do in PQ2. But again, with the weapon system, you can always block for half damage...

It's on the fence with PQ1 and PQ2, but I think we can all agree that both are better than galactrix...
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User Info: epaacccc

10 years ago#8
Had to agree that changing the gold/exp gems to action/weapon gems is a good idea. The puzzle mechanics of pq2 is actually an improvement, yes, but I just cant shake that dull and repetitive feeling in PQ2. Diablo-esque feeling gets old for me, there are like hundreds of diablo clones, you simply need more depths and not just borrow a generic dungeon crawling element. Something like, let the player choices affect the game, or giving your main character more personality and story. Its just too generic to my taste.

I hope that PQ3 would have more rpg feel instead of more puzzle. More puzzle can cause it to get old fast. Then again I doubt PQ3 would ever be released. Even the infinite interactive website has been down for a long time.
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