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User Info: fryerlawrence

4 years ago#1
I know that this game is already old... but I just bought it a few months back and thought that I would post some help just in case there is someone like me and gets into a ditch so-to-speak about Level 9 and Googles it...lol.

Like Skaijo 4 years ago in another thread (PS3) my patience was wearing thin. Because I have played Ace Combat since the beginning on the Playstation platform, I thought that I would choose the "Elite" setting and that would be cool... well because I thought I was that.

Well I learnt (yes I misspelled that on purpose) that to regret that decision when I got to level 9. FOREVER and a DAY I was repeatedly stuck on this level. Over and over again... different plane after different plane, every bomb configuration I would use didn't work. Then I stopped playing for awhile and got hooked on another game. When that game ended I picked this one back up. Because I would be dammed if I would let some punk_ss enemy pilot to beat me.

Then today I got my breakthrough. I noticed that refueling during the middle of the mission, the plane following me to the runway to take off again was the F-35B. So... I jumped into the cockpit of my F-35B. Then one more time I chose the LAGM (Long-Range Air-to-Ground Missile).

Again... I would reset... reset again... and reset again. "I lost contact with Werewolf 1!" 'Well no foolin' I keep dying...I can't get any help from any of my fellow pilots you dumb_ss! How about a lil' help up here!', I would yell at my tv. Which is of course and inanimate object. Doesn't help when ******* enemy aircraft that kept DFM'ing against me.

Then I had a bright ideer. I remembered the capabilities of the LAGM's and studied them in my mind again. I remembered that the residual splash damage from an attack of just one missile is pretty fierce.

After resetting for the 534th time (that's just a number, but I bet it's close to that...lol) I would yaw to the right (R1) and start attacking the ground tanks. This time what I did, I immediately switched to the LAGM's, because the other missiles were the default. Then I would target the 2nd tank from the front most tank unit closest to the airport and only use one missile. Then I would yaw right and then target again the 2nd tank from the front of the next tank unit. Then I would again yaw right and target the 2nd tank from the next closest tank unit. In other words the first 3 tank groups of 4 each within the unit total was my first goal.

You have to wait for the right pattern sometimes because you need to hit all three tank groups in your first run. If you don't you will run out of time before that 3rd tank group reaches the airport threshold for the most part. AND you have to be quick in locking on. Otherwise you will have so many missiles up your rear end it will make your head swim. Sound familiar?

Immediately after knocking out the 3rd tank group I would immediately have a tail on me. So I would do my best to evade the missile/gun fire and DFM that punk_ss jockey back and knock him outta da sky. Then I noticed a breakthrough that it seemed that I had a little more time before the other tank/SAM units would need to be dealt with.

This is where your pilot skillz come in. You have to go back and forth between knocking punk_ss jokers outta the sky and using your LAGM's but remember to do the best you can in targeting the 2nd unit out of the 4 if you can. Constantly go for the targets closest to the runway.

When I finally had seen the last tank that needed to be destroyed I thought that I was seeing things. Sure enuff. I was the pilot that I thought I was.

It did cross my mind to dumb down the skill level and start over.... however, I am most proud of myself that I didn't wuss out and take it off of "Elite" skill level.

=============================MISSION ACCOMPLISHED=====================================

All the best,
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