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  3. Just got this game and its absolutely awesome

User Info: veggie3

6 years ago#1
I don't understand the bad reviews for this game out there.
I just got the game and I have bought previous ace combat games.
The graphics are just astounding and the explosions rock!

I think this dogfight option adds dimension to the game, rather than always shooting far
from a distance and going around in circles trying to dodge airplanes.
in fact, nobody says you have to destroy aircrafts in dfm mode, it is an option if you get close enough, you can employ. Mind you, it would be better if you can control your plane more once in the dfm mode as it seems to guide you just a bit.

Another thing is that you have to play this game using a controller otherwise it would be very difficult to control the jets.

As for the story, I am not going to comment but the new additions to the game make it well worth it! It is way more exciting than the previous ace combat games in my opinion
and I think people owe it to themselves to give this game a try.

User Info: KrazytigerEX

6 years ago#2
Just finished the game and i have to say the only thing i would complain about is the lack of a replay function.

User Info: MacrossSpecial

6 years ago#3
It would have got better reviews if it weren't branded as Ace Combat I think. It is a pretty mediocre game, but calling it Ace Combat I think offended a lot of fans of the series.
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User Info: chtan01

6 years ago#4
Wait till you try it in 3D, its absolutely stunning. Love it very much.

User Info: spartan456

6 years ago#5
While I don't think it's the same as other AC titles, I think it deserves the name.

I dislike that damage is no longer something you really need to worry about since planes and helicopters have the ability to magically repair themselves mid-flight, but I think dogfight mode/air strike mode are fantastic additions to the game.

I always wondered why previous titles (AC5) felt so different from the trailers. In the trailers you get a view of the aerial combat from a highly cinematic perspective, and I always wanted to see that in an ace combat game. DFM/ASM gives me just that.

I dislike that the story is now in a real-world setting, and I also dislike the sudden and abrupt steer towards a different soundtrack. The soundtrack in all previous AC titles was incredible, and in Assault Horizon the soundtrack is nothing like them. It feels more like something out of CoD: Modern Warfare.

I think the positives definitely outweigh the negatives though. I'm still playing through the campaign, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. The only mission I've hated so far is the AC-130 one. I was expecting to fly it through ASM markers manually, but it was more like every AC-130 mission in CoD.

User Info: Wihan_Tan

6 years ago#6
Typical AC spin-offs are like in the handhelds. But this ACAH (I call it a spin-off because doesn't have the number "7" in it) really deviated from typical spin-offs. If ACAH was on track as a spin-off, the fans maybe won't be disappoint.

But I agree that this kind of gameplay is a freshener for AC, but IMO this should not be named AC.
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User Info: cody4783

6 years ago#7
From: Wihan_Tan | #006
But I agree that this kind of gameplay is a freshener for AC, but IMO this should not be named AC.

A decent summary, I suppose.

On it's own, it's a solid/above average title. I'll likely be putting more time into this than I did something like HAWX (Which was meh it it's own way). But it's a big letdown and almost shame to the Ace Combat name.

They switched over to a "Real-world"-style story, using real locations and trying to make it seem "Serious" in some way. But at the same time throw in the most ridiculous and downright goofy attacking/dodge mechanics (Because Helicopters totally barrel-roll away from missiles), and many enemies require you to use their pretty gimmicky attacking modes, which to me feel like little more than glorified QTEs. Minimal control over actually flying, track the enemy around, fire missile; Repeat until it's dead. And of course, they brought back the hyper-cheating final boss like from Joint Assault.

Oh, and then of course there's things like the Helicopter missions, and the AC-130 mission that is like every other AC-130 mission in any recent "War" game. At least the plane was freaking gorgeous from the outside...

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  3. Just got this game and its absolutely awesome
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