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User Info: marvelguy

9 years ago#1
game keeps freezing in the middle of the workout. Read a review where they mentioned this happening to them, yet still gave it a very high score. I like the game (as it really kicks my *ss) but the freezing is super annoying. anyone else getting this? BTW I do have a new slim model, well ventilated and this is the only game it freezes on ( for about 4-5 secs at a time) Thanks

User Info: Jspartan117

9 years ago#2
Dude I get it too. It freezes like every 30 seconds. I'm going to call and complain and email
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User Info: Logical_One

9 years ago#3
Works well for me.

User Info: marvelguy

9 years ago#4
the problem is if you are signed into xbox live and are online, it will freeze. Sign out, then play, no more freezing! Hopefully they will make a patch. Hope that helps anyone that was about to return it (like i was, lol).!

User Info: Jspartan117

9 years ago#5
Weird, I paused the game for like half an hour while i emailed thq and ufc personal trainer and their facebook page. as well as called them lol. anyway

it completely stopped freezing after that.... and worked great
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User Info: jermosseu

9 years ago#6
I lag alot too. I have not tried it yet with xbox live disconnected. I'll try marvelguy's advice.

User Info: Phil_Major

9 years ago#7
Not only do I get frequent 5 second freezes, but I keep getting a game breaking / console locking / progress wasting freeze at the exact same point in the workout: at the very start of V sits about half way through the workout. 3 X in a row!

nothing can be done except turn off the console (won't even register a controller).
Worst is that there are no mid-workout saves so I can't even get credit for what I've done.

Since I'm a bit of a completionist, I keep retrying it since I want each workout recorded of my 60 day workout plan.

I'm pissed... this "turn off online" fix better work!

User Info: BogieSIX

9 years ago#8
Yup, lots of freezing.

Signed out of xbox live.

Didn't fix the problem plus can't track progress when not signed in.

Currently playing Duty until the ufc update is out.

User Info: marvelguy

9 years ago#9
sorry, not sure i was very clear. signing out isnt the key, its turning off your online is. If its plugged into a lan, unplug it. If its wifi like mine, go into network settings and turn it off. restart the game, should work fine now. I am signed in under my profile so it keeps tracking how much its kickin my butt! lol

User Info: ECUpimpin

9 years ago#10
I'm curious how this wasn't fixed during QA...seems that this would be the first bug they would have found.
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