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User Info: 50percentGray

1 year ago#11
Kurima_Saguki posted...
While the same character deals +-100,000 critical damage with sandstorm, the same with Flaming Glaives deals +-35,000 critical damage, the biggest damage from Flaming Glaives is the damage over time by fire which needs multiple and quick hits to be viable.

I understand Flaming Glaives isn't the most powerful attack. It's just good for the true radial AoE, the DoT, the Debuff to poison and fire, and as a viable option for clearing minor enemies that can flank you, when most of the time you're concentrating on enemies in front of you.

User Info: Kurima_Saguki

1 year ago#12
Glaive throw bounces a lot in high level causing an AoE effect and has almost same damage of sandstorm.

User Info: 50percentGray

1 year ago#13
Okay, just an update for reference: Enchantments.

I can brag all I want about how odd, but adorable the little red panda enchanters are in this game, but after playing this game for so long, I've come to realize the 6 most important enchanters in this game:

Mooritz of the Desert - Fire
Telsor of the Storm - Lightning
Panosh of the North - Ice
Farquez the Assassin - Poison
Jurick the Socketer - Gem Slots

... and most important of all: Borris the Stout!

The above 4 are best for enchanting weapons with a particular element and each class has a particular affinity for a different element, based on the passives they have.

Engineers can utilize Mooritz or Teslor for either Fire or Lightning damage because of their Fire and Spark passive.

Berserkers can utilize Panosh for Ice damage because of their Cold Steel Mastery passive.

Outlanders can utilize Farquez for Poison damage because of their Master of the Elements and Poison Burst passives.

Embermages, who can easily become pure spellcasters who don't depend on weapons, don't need to have elemental enchantments on their weapons. Once they're made to become pure spellcasters, whatever weapon they have equipped (preferably a wand or any one-handed weapon with a good crit chance mod on it) becomes more like an accessory.

Jurick the Socketer, if you find him, is good for adding 2 slots to everything you have equipped. Just be sure they're all at least level 84 so you can insert the highest quality gems/skulls. Blood Embers for HP regen, Void Embers for Mana regen, and anything that adds to your character's Health or Mana count are the best choices.

Having high health regen will help you shake off minor damage and a high mana regen is great for keeping your mana pool high enough to spam your spells and skills. But if you're lucky to find gems that reduce all damage, like the Eye of the Manticore or the Skull of Limoany, having at least one on each piece of armor can make your character WAY MUCH harder to kill!

Now it brings me to the most important enchanter of all: Borris the Stout!

Forget Fondo the Master. Ignore Karkozi the All-Powerful. Borris is all you need to improve your character's performance.

A boost to Strength and/or Focus for damage, Dexterity for Critical Hit Chance, and Vitality for a... marginal, but still viable increase to health and armor (and shield block chance). I cannot stress enough how much better this is compared to any other random mod Fondo or Karzoki can give.

The best time to fully utilize him is late-late-game, when your character has cleared NG++ and had reached level 100 with the best unique/legendary weapon possible and the best gear that gives the highest health boost to your character. If you've been equipping armor pieces that give at least +400 or +800 HP, your character can have a total HP count as high as 10,000 HP or higher.

It's also imperative to save up a lot of gold for Borris to enchant everything your character has. If you have at least a million gold, you should be in the clear for getting all 3 enchantments on each armor piece.

One last tip: if you find Borris the Stout, be sure to to use a Waypoint Scroll close to him so you have a way to return to him if you find a better piece of armor for him to enchant.
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