A few Embermage questions

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User Info: supo

5 years ago#1
i'm a staff wielding fire Embermage, and have some questions:

If I socket lets say a fire ember to my weapon which grants +7 fire damage, does it mean that the weapon itself does +7 fire damage on hit or does all of my fire based skills increase in damage doing +7?

What stat distribution is good for an embermage (playing on veteran)? I usually go for full Focus stat, and some Vitality every few levels. Would it be better to drop Vitality and go for Dexterity instead because of criticals maybe?

And lastly, is there a list over enchanter locations out there somewhere?

Thanks in advance!
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User Info: raensi_dneeht

5 years ago#2
For my Ice embermage on Veteran I spread the points Dex/Focus/Vit 3:1:1 until Dex hit 53, which gives 10% passive dodge chance. Afterwards I used a Focus/Vit 3:2 to bump up the power of skills while also avoiding being too squishy.

Not sure about the + elemental damage question affecting skills, though my gut feeling says it only applies to weapon hits, much in the same way that + mana on hit does.
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User Info: DaLagga

5 years ago#3
1. If something increases elemental damage by a static value, then it only applies to your weapon and skills based on weapon DPS. It does not add directly to the elemental damage of a spell like things that add a % boost to your elemental damage.

2. I'm not entirely sure about stat distribution myself and I'm level 81. My advice would be to pump up focus really high first and then maybe focus a bit on dex for the crits and dodge chance. Vitality seems worthless because the HP you gain is marginal and the armor boost isn't going to help much since, as an embermage, you're not going to be looking for equipment with much armor on it anyway.

3. Enchanter locations are random aside for those in towns.

User Info: supo

5 years ago#4
Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.
We are not alone...

User Info: werejackal

5 years ago#5
Here is a list of enchanter location. They are random but you can keep making new game till you find them at their fixed location.

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