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  3. *PLOT SPOILER* Can't help but being reminded of Final Fantasy X

User Info: Psazum

7 years ago#1

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Not sure how to put it, but when Stocke realize he was actually dead and still decided to continue with the ritual (which obviously will kill him, uh, again) it automatically brought me back to the ending of Final Fantasy X.

I can almost see Radiant Historia 2, where Rayne team up with Eruca and (slightly older) Aht and travel all over the world trying find a way to bring back Stocke from the dead :)

*note: observation is clearly not based on True Ending, where Stocke is supposedly not dead*
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User Info: blackmagister

7 years ago#2
Well even without the true ending it's still hinted that Stocke is alive because Keil was saved by Stocke. I'm not really sure why Stocke couldn't come back in an obvious way given Heiss took Stocke's place though.

User Info: skytraveler

7 years ago#3
Well, FFX is ambiguous about the actual death anyway, so the nature of the ending doesn't interfere with the similarity either way.

It's nice to see an observation made of the core themes rather than citing Chrono Trigger just because time travel is involved.
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User Info: Lelouch71

7 years ago#4
Yes it is similar but Stocke is more badass than Tidus ever was plus he had no daddy issues.
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User Info: Takfloyd_mkII__

7 years ago#5
Almost every JRPG after FFX has copied something from it. That's what you get when one game defines the future of a genre, just like how every 3D platformer copied Super Mario 64 for 10 years after it came out. It's not really a bad thing.
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User Info: Delta123456789

7 years ago#6
I'm pretty sure the notion of a pure maiden sacrificing herself to save the world was hardly new even when FFX came out, FFX's innovation was to pair it with the "evil church deceives" cliche. I'm not saying it was bad, merely that it was an excellent application of plot elements used elsewhere rather than entirely original (just about nothing is entirely original). Basically, Tropes Are Not Bad (now everyone can resist the temptation of going to TV tropes).
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  3. *PLOT SPOILER* Can't help but being reminded of Final Fantasy X
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