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User Info: AfroDan42

1 month ago#1
I'm sure this board is quite dead by now but I thought I'd chime in with my experience so far.

Full disclosure: This is pretty much my first tales games. I tried Symphonia and I just could not get into the battle system. I'm mostly a turn-based style kinda guy.

So I tried to play this before, but I got bored of it by the time I got to the desert. Thought I'd pick it up again, but all the enemies would be killed before I got a chance to play around and remember how it all works. So I started again, but tried it on Hard. Got my butt kicked by Nova wolf and really got into the game. I unlocked Evil and haven't set it lower since.

I'm not good at the game, and after so many tries on the Royal Guards (in evil) I relented to do a little grinding (nothing too crazy I think). For Cedric I changed to controlling Cheria and it changed the whole tide of the battle. I could distract him while Sophie healed (and sometimes get some off myself) and stun-lock him with spells when I had a chance. I still prefer Asbel for mobs though.

I can't figure out Pascal, no matter what AI settings she's dying on bosses without contributing much. Is this normal? Do I need to keep all party members levelled equally or is it cool if I leave Pascal on the bench?

I'm enjoying it a lot. As I said, I'm not good at it but I want to stick with Evil, probably give chaos a miss as this seems like the right difficulty for me. Anything I should know as I continue on?

User Info: Rimsala

1 month ago#2
Do you know how to use the weak point system? I'd say that can make a difference.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game, I think it's very fun :)

User Info: AfroDan42

1 month ago#3
I'm in the desert and Asbel is destroying things thanks to being able to hit all of their weaknesses. Not really sure what hitting them all does precisely but it seems to be doing me good.

I've got Pascal learning titles on Auto but I'm keeping her on the bench I think. Hopefully there this isn't the kind of game to force you to use characters. I've got her as many bench abilities as possible just in case. I just can't figure her out. I'm guessing she's good to main. High risk high reward?

Sophie's AI seems pretty solid, and Malik is just doing his thing. I can't really get the hang of his A-Artes anyway. Cheria is interesting, and Asbel seems user-friendly so I'll probably switch between them for maining for now. Need a bit more practice with Cheria's A-artes to get the hang of them. I think I've got the hang of using Asbel for now.

I see Hubert and Cheria are popular picks for Maining.

User Info: Seanpman

1 month ago#4
Pascal and Asbel are by far my favorites to use. Hubert was always my brothers favorite and we would normally have Sophie or Cheria as the AI for healing. I’m not the best at weaknesses and things like that, I’ve never actually dived all the way into the combat system but Pascal always felt broken to me. Even on the harder difficulties

User Info: AfroDan42

1 month ago#5
Oh Parasite Queen... you really tested my patience. Those rock lances are so fast there isn't really time to cast. I was trying to use Asbel to distract them so everyone else could do the damage but there are just so many of them. After many attempted I did manage to beat it, but only after using a lot of life bottles and I had to resort to an Hourglass to run down one of it's Eleth bursts.

It's helped me confirm I'm staying away from chaos... but now I'm even questioning Evil. I got past it, but it wasn't a very satisfying win and I'm assuming there is a LOT more difficult fights to come. Should I be grinding? I am already a bit...

User Info: AfroDan42

1 month ago#6
I ended up going back and doing Parasite Queen but being more aggressive and managed beat it without the hourglass and so many life bottles.

Bladehorn boar on the other hand... I can dodge it just fine, AI partners not so much. Once it starts it's charging there just isn't any safe way to do much damage. Turned it down to hard, just to see, and beat it quite easily... too easily.

I can get rid of the mob enemies quickly enough with Asbel but by then at least one or two of my AI partners are down.

Is there something I'm missing?

User Info: AfroDan42

1 month ago#7
(Sorry to triple post, but this board is kinda dead and I want to share my thoughts because... ego?)

I turned down my healing, went aggressive and again had no trouble with the boar. Kurt on the other hand... I gave up... I used an all-divide. Felt like cheating but I did beat him on Evil at least. Nothing since has come close, actually bosses have become quite easy. The tank did give me a bit of trouble at first though.

I've just entered the cacoon at world's eye. Desert planet was a bit of a slog, but I'm still enjoying the game a lot. Story is a bit anime-tastic but characters are fun and the battle system is great. Pascal and Malik are rotting on the sidelines a bit. I hope this doesn't come and bite me on the behind later.

User Info: Koro-Pok-Guru

1 month ago#8
I like your topic and the way it shows how you evolved. Challenge can sure make a difference for some people, that's why even if a game is easy I feel it's important to find ways to challenge yourself (like benching an OP character) ^^


She's a battle mage, it's kinda unusual to have a character that requires to be close to the enemy to use their spells. It's indeed a high risk, high reward type of gameplay, and the player will play her better than the AI. But once she's launched she is a beast, overall her performances will also depend on your ability to support her (since the AI don't really know how to perfect dodge or anything, they do good offensively if they can do stuff).

Her A Artes have a lot of range tho, but not using her spells would be a shame tbh. She naturally has rather good stats (including a good def stat to be able to do good in melee) and is a powerful character, but if you want her to perform well, you should really enhance her equipment.

Malik is a more traditional spellcaster, and magic shouldn't be underestimated in this game in term of DPS. But he also needs to be protected. Your current setting is something I feel I often used for hard boss battles during my first run (2 healers and a lot of melee to keep the enemy busy). I think the game allows for much more and tend to reward aggression a lot (even if perfect dodging is OP and not too hard to perform).


I see you mentionning "farming", but farming to just gain levels isn't really the way this game works. Unlocking and mastering new titles to get passive bonuses to make your character stronger over time. Investing time and ressources in the equipment system. Cooking to improve your stats (or your performance in battle/rewards after battle) if needed. That's the real meaning of farming in this game. It's about battles, but you need to plan stuff to get good results and hit several birds with 1 stone to make it worth your time.

Hopefully there this isn't the kind of game to force you to use characters.

You'll have to use everyone in the arena. But you can use the characters you're the less good with for the easier first steps, so it's fine. The F arc will force you to use some teams tho, like there's a passage where you're stucked without female character... If you were over relying on your main healers, it's tough x)

On the other hand, one of the bosses you're about to fight really discourage the use of melee. So you might regret relying too much of characters that don't have enough range. Those kind of fights are rare tho, but benching spellcasters isn't really a good idea imo.

I see Hubert and Cheria are popular picks for Maining.

It's truly a game where everyone is excessively solid and a good pick if you have some afinity with the playstyle of the character. I had a lot of trouble with Malik at first, it got better when I relied on his spells more (and if someday you play Hearts R, there's a character with a bladerang and great control over it, his melee feels crazily good). By the end of the game I feel the character I enjoyed the less was Asbel x)


Higher difficulties in Graces F are like an insane virtuous circle, since it increases your rewards (EXP/GALD/SP), so the higher the difficulty is, the more OP you become (which is why they kinda nerfed the rewards in term of experience in higher difficulties in Z & B). Ofc the game will probably expect you to take advantage of its equipment system, if you don't, well... Things might get unnecessary tougher. Actually the highest difficulty in Team Destiny games such as Graces F are known for being some sort of one shot fest.

Some of the bosses you mentionned are known for being massive difficulty spikes tho (Parasite Queen & Kurt mostly). So all in all, your experience with the game is quite normal atm. All Divide & Hourglass are supposed to be used after all, so don't feel guilty for that ^^

The F arc & the optionnal content (Zhonecage, Arena) are full of tough battles btw. The end of Adult Arc has 1 or 2 challenging bosses left normally.


You're not missing anything, the AI is not great defensively, but they're truly able offensively.

Babysitting the AI is common in Graces F. Asbel felt to me like one of the least interesting characters to play as, he's tanky enough and the AI played him fine. So I often jumped from one character to the other. This kind of god mode where you have control over the entire battlefield is quite satisfying. Mediocre AI is never the best, but it made me a better player.

Story is a bit anime-tastic but characters are fun and the battle system is great.

That's the consensus about this game.
:meh: story. Fun characters. Great battle system.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: AfroDan42

4 weeks ago#9
Wow, thanks for the informative reply. I decided to try and switch in Pascal and Malik because of your advice and I don't regret it. Malik has proved useful and Pascal pulls her weight. too.

Emeraude was... yeah... tough. I used an all-divide against her and still had trouble against her on Evil. Malik really came in handy on that battle. I've kept a save for her and Kurt to attempt them without one day... maybe... probably not.

I think I really need to get Dualising. I've not really touched it for weapons or armour. I should probably get title hunting as well as I keep running out. I'm doing some sidequests now before I go further into (what I assume is) the final main game dungeon. It's nice to be finally be able to have access to everywhere again.

User Info: AfroDan42

2 weeks ago#10
I finally did it!

*Spoilers I guess*
So I finally beat the main game on evil. I don't think I could really imagine chaos, so I'm pretty damn happy with this achievement. I kept getting destroyed by the final Richard fight, until I remembered that damage reducing titles are a thing and then it wasn't too bad. Final Lambda was a bit too much for me so I grinded some titles and came back. Honestly, there were a few close calls. I started with Asbel but in the end just let Asbel, Sophie and Hubert have at him while I focused pretty much exclusively with healing on Cheria. I'm lucky they kept dying close together and I managed to time my spells well. I used a couple of elixirs and a few life bottles, and I'll admit it wasn't the most graceful win, but it's good enough for me.

I have a feeling that I'm missing a lot out by not Dualising weapons and armour, I didn't want to screw up any of their unique equipment.

Anyway, I'll probably check out the post-game L&L content soon.
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