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User Info: ZeroYano

5 years ago#71
I got a question about dualizing, Should I just dualize as much as possiable or just keep stacking up items and such?

User Info: xPalox

4 years ago#72
I noticed on your FAQ guide that you considered putting in the special effects on weapons/armor but haven't gotten around to it yet. Here's the list I've compiled if it helps any:

Name: Effect
---Character: Weapon [Level]

Pirate: Hit Aquatic weakness -> Dmg up
---Hubert: Aqua Limit [4], Pike Pike [3]

Eraser: Hit Amorphous weakness -> Dmg up

Wildling: Hit Beast weakness -> Dmg up
---Asbel: Laevatein [4]
---Hubert: Beast Fang Blade [3]
---Cheria: Survival Knives [3]
---Malik: Feral Hunter [2]

Ranger: Hit Bird weakness -> Dmg up
---Asbel: Zephyrus [3]
---Cheria: Bluesky Knives [2]
---Malik: Iron Bladerang [2], The Peepinator [3]

Slayer: Hit Dragon weakness -> Dmg up
---Asbel: Balmung [3]
---Hubert: Bahamut's Tear [5]
---Cheria: Dragonbone Darts [5]
---Malik: Dragon's Tooth [5]

Exorcist: Hit Fiend weakness -> Dmg up
---Asbel: Durandal [3]
---Sophie: Omniweapon Fists [4]
---Hubert: Rosary's Wrath [5]
---Cheria: Solbrights [5]
---Pascal: Dreamer's Flange [4]

Killer: Hit Human weakness -> Dmg up
---Richard: Fame and Faith [3]

Crusher: Hit Inorganic weakness -> Dmg up
---Asbel: Isleberg [4]
---Sophie: Titan's Knuckles [4]

Exterminator: Hit Insect weakness -> Dmg up
---Sophie: Garm's Fangs [2]
---Cheria: Assassin's Daggers [2]
---Pascal: Genius Staff [5]

Mechanic: Hit Machine weakness -> Dmg up
---Sophie: Crystal Cutters [3]
---Malik: The Scrapper [3]
---Pascal: Staff of Expiration [5]

Saint: Hit Nova weakness -> Dmg up
---Asbel: Excalibur [4]
---Sophie: Shining Talons[4]

Gardener: Hit Plant weakness -> Dmg up
---Cheria: Fruit Knives [2]

Saurian: Hit Reptile weakness -> Dmg up
---Asbel: Ice Coffin [3]
---Sophie: Lizard Rippers [3]

Necromancer: Hit Spirit weakness -> Dmg up
---Cheria: Keris Blades [4]
---Malik: The Undertaker [4]
---Pascal: Uroboros [4]

All of them would start Level 1 at +20% and increase by +4% per level until Level * at +56%

Certain dropped weapons can also give these stats at random. That's the only way to get the Eraser effect or more than one Necromancer (the weapons listed come from the named golems in Lastalia Shaft).

Haven't gotten around to figuring out armors or the Accel effects yet, sorry.

User Info: Algernon

3 years ago#73
is Nanalystic double the character's total accuracy, or just double the weapon's?

If it's only the weapon, then does that mean if I had a Nanalystic Aim-Reinforce gem, the accuracy bonus on the gem wouldn't be doubled?
The sword from your heart is the mightiest weapon of all. Believe in it, and it shall defeat your greatest enemies.

User Info: sakuraarts

2 years ago#74
Incredible i now have learnt everything thanks very much!
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