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User Info: green_abobo

5 years ago#1
I dont really play pure racing games. Used to play /enjoy gran turismo on ps2. Maybe some road rage on gen.

My hdd space is pretty limited. Should i give this a spin?

Can you use a clutch & manual tranny? Can customize your parts?

Is it all dirt, are there lancers, skylines, imprezas, or are they made up, fictitious models?

Biggest ?, is it fun, or total crap?
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User Info: cheo229

5 years ago#2
Manual but no clutch.
Can't buy parts for your car but you can customize it before each race.
Real life models.
The racing itself is very fun but I hate that "bro" atmosphere before and after the races.

It's very different from GT. You don't build a car collection and upgrade your cars. You simply pick a car before each race. The higher your "rep", the more cars you get to choose from.

User Info: GTAcrazy

5 years ago#3
And you don't get to play online unless you buy a VIP pass because Microsoft is freaking stupid.
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