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User Info: SBAllen

8 years ago#1
Today sees the addition of a second full-time GameFAQs Administrator, Devin Morgan. As a well-known contributor of guides and a moderator of the message boards for over a dozen years, who better to help guide the site into the future than someone who has been with us for such a long time. I would talk more about Devin, but I'll let him give a proper introduction for himself when he isn't being overwhelmed with the chaos that is GameFAQs. :)

Devin's been hired on as a full-time programmer. He'll be working on creating new features, upgrading current features, and squashing pesky bugs that pop up in the site code.

For the time being, I will still be the sole administrator handling the community aspects of the site, such as posting FAQs/reviews/etc and handling suspended message board accounts, so nothing will be changing in that regard.

By bringing on a full-time programmer, GameFAQs will be able to grow at a much more rapid pace than ever before, so be on the lookout for exciting new announcements soon!
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User Info: Devin Morgan

Devin Morgan
8 years ago#2
Thanks for the warm welcome, and I am glad to be on board.

My job here, as Allen mentioned, will be largely on the back-end side of things. Obviously today is only the beginning of what I hope is a lengthy career with CBSi, and I am very happy to have earned this job. It's like a dream come true in a way, especially after being a user on the site for so many years.

For those who don't already know me, I got my start on the site as a FAQ writer in 1998. It's still a very near and dear hobby, to the point that I plan out gaming purchases based on how easily I may be able to write about them. I continue to write FAQs when I can, though it's not quite as frequent as it was 10 years ago. This site will continue to advance and excel in supporting FAQ writing and those who enjoy it, which of course is the bread and butter of the site, so I look forward to being a part of that.

As for the boards, I signed up within the first 24 hours and later became a moderator when the first batch was chosen in February 2000. In the last 12 years, I've seen pretty much everything, good and bad, and have made some really great friends thanks to these message boards. Despite everything that's gone on, it is still great to visit the site every single day since then, and the rest is history.

So, tl;dr version: I am extremely pleased to be here, and look forward to helping GameFAQs continue to grow! If you want to contact me for any reason, PMs are your best bet. See you on the boards!
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