3 months ago #1
Today, we're rolling out changes to the user relationship system on the site (the ability to friend/follow/ignore/block/tag a user).

  • User level restrictions on friend/ignore are mostly removed (you simply must have an active account)
  • You can follow/unfollow someone as many times in a row as you want (they'll just only get notified once)
  • There is a maximum of 1000 users across your follow/friend/ignore/block/tag lists combined
  • Blocking is now a full two-way ignore; you do not need to ignore a user to block them
  • You can only do one of the following: follow, friend, ignore, or block; adding a user to one list removes them from the other (as block also ignores). You can still tag any user.
  • Banned/closed/deleted accounts will be automatically removed from lists once they have no message board posts remaining online.
If you come across any problems with this update, feel free to let us know here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/feedback?type=20
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