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4 months ago#1
Howdy all. We did our semi-annual badge review, where we check to see if some badges seem too hard to earn in relation to others of the same level. As such, we made some changes to make some badges easier to earn and raised the level of some other badges. Here's a summary of the changes made. (B=Bronze, S=Silver, G=Gold)

Easier to earn:

  • Answerer(S): Answered at least 10 different questions for 10->5 or more games
  • Answerer(G): Answered at least 5 different questions for 25->10 or more games
  • Answerer(B): Answered 100->50 different questions
  • Authority(S): Provided at least 10 accepted answers for 10->5 or more games
  • Authority(G): Provided at least 5 accepted answers for 25->10 or more games
  • Authority(B): Provided 100->50 accepted answers
  • Confirmer(S): Voted on at least 25->10 different answers for 5 or more games
  • Confirmer(G): Voted on at least 10->5 different answers for 10 or more games
  • Confirmer(B): Voted on 500->100 different answers
  • Enlightened(S): Accepted at least 5->2 answers to your own questions for 5 or more games
  • Enlightened(G): Accepted at least 1 answer to your own questions for 15->10 or more games
  • Enlightened(B): Accepted 25->15 answers to your own questions
  • Expert(G): Became an Expert for 5 games->a game
  • Select Q&A(S): Received 50->25 positive votes for Q&A
  • Follower(B): Following 50->25 users
  • Friend(G): Friends with 50->25 users
  • Trendsetter(S): Acquired 50->25 followers

Higher level:

  • Birthday (B->S)
  • Artist (S->G)
  • Artist (B->S)
  • Author (S->G)
  • Author (B->S)
  • Bounty Hunter (S->G)
  • Cheater (S->G)
  • Cheater (B->S)
  • Lister (B->G)
  • Photographer (S->G)
  • Recommender (B->S)
  • Researcher (B->S)
  • Reviewer (B->S)
  • Saver (B->G)
  • Select Cheats (B->S)
  • Select Reviews (B->S)
  • Videographer (B->S)
  • Customizer (B->S)
  • Follower (B->S)
  • Trendsetter (S->G)
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