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User Info: SBAllen

3 months ago#1
Today, we've done a complete overhaul of Badges. We've done away with the unnecessary images and the constricting limits, opting for a much more simplified system that allows you to earn whatever you want whenever you want.

Here are some highlights of the new system:

* Rather than having an icon and a level from 1-5, Badges now have a difficulty (gold/silver/bronze) and can be earned an unlimited number of times.

* Badges now have individual pages where you can track your own progress, see who has earned the Badge recently, and see the top earners for that Badge.

* On your Profile, you can now choose your three favorite Badges to have displayed on the top of the right column of the page. We'll also display your three most recently earned Badges and your three rarest Badges.

* When viewing your own Earned Badges under your Profile, you can now see the Badges that you haven't earned but have made progress towards earning. You can also sort Badges in various ways on this page as well.

* The overall All Badges page now displays your progress towards earning each Badge after its description.

* When viewing another user's Profile, you can compare their Badges to the ones that you have earned yourself. The most recent and rarest Badges also show up in the pop-up profile on the Boards and elsewhere.

* The Top Users tabs under Community have been removed and replaced with leaderboards based on the new Badge system.

* There is now a trophy icon in the top right corner of the page (by your username) where you'll receive Notifications when you earn new Badges. You can also click the icon to go directly to your Earned Badges list.

* We are committed to adding new Badges much more frequently.

* We are working out plans for fun Badge-related activities, like limited-time Badges and fun account accessories to unlock by earning Badges.

All of the old Badges were removed and have been replaced with similar Badges under the new system. Because of this, the earned dates for Badges will be reset but will be recorded accurately going forward. Users who haven't logged in as of Sept 1st have not been issued any Badges. They will receive their owed Badges the next day after their next login. Badges in general will update once a day as well, much like Karma and other site features.
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User Info: SBAllen

3 months ago#2
Forgot to mention, we're open to suggestions for new Badges if you have one. Feel free to post in this topic to leave your suggestions!
"Um, let's face it, you'd be better off staying at the Hilton." |