Topic Flairs and Update to Off-Topic Rule

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User Info: SBAllen

4 months ago#1
Today we're launching new topic flairs on the Message Boards. Going forward, all topics will have a flair associated with them that can be used both for sorting purposes and for being able to view at a glance what a topic is about before clicking into it.

At the top of a board's Topic List, you'll now see a control which allows you to either see all topics at once or to only see topics with a particular flair.

With the introduction of topic flairs, we'll also be making changes to the Off-Topic rule on the site. Moving forward, off-topic discussion will be allowed on all boards as long as the author of the topic uses the Off-Topic flair. If off-topic posts are not flared correctly, the moderation staff will issue an NWD and change the flair for you. As always, multiple NWD punishments will escalate to actual moderations.

All boards on the site will have access to both the General (default) and Off-Topic flairs. The General flair will not actually show up after the topic title as it is the default and will be used most often. Any other flair will show up right after the topic title on the Topic List.

Finally, as some boards will have the need for flairs that might not apply to many (or any) other boards, we will be allowing users to suggest a topic flair for any board that they frequent by using the following feedback form:

Please read and follow the directions on the form when submitting a suggestion. It will be at our discretion whether the suggested flair is added or not. You can also suggest that a flair be removed if a flair was added that doesn't apply or isn't used enough to merit being on the list as well.
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