GameFAQs is moving to a new domain in February

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User Info: SBAllen

8 months ago#1
Howdy, all. Today, we have an important announcement. Beginning in early February, GameFAQs is moving to a new url. As of February 6th, the site will live on the domain

The primary reason for this domain change is to show that as a collective, GameFAQs and GameSpot are the definitive, largest destination for gaming on the Internet. By combining our strengths and hosting the sites on the same domain, we will offer the largest and most comprehensive place to go to for anything gaming. We considered many options on how to get the two sites on the same domain. Ultimately, it made the most sense to have both sites on the GameSpot domain, as it is the flagship CBS Interactive gaming brand, rather than hosting both sites on the GameFAQs domain or even moving both to another new (and unknown) domain.

Before going into why this is important, we want to make one thing perfectly clear. The only change that is going to happen is a change in the domain. GameFAQs will sit on the GameSpot domain, but the two entities will not be combined in any way. That means that the sites will not share a single login. The communities will continue to be separate. There will be no additional oversight from GameSpot. There will be no additional GameSpot branding. Your old bookmarks and links will still work, redirecting you to the new domain. The only difference that you’ll see is if you look at the URL in your web browser, nothing more. You can say that the site’s soul will be 100% less stripped than it was back in 2003.

With GameFAQs and GameSpot combined being the largest single gaming destination online (as far as our advertisers are concerned), we expect many new revenue opportunities over the coming months. But instead of promises that "one day" we'll have more money to reinvest in the site and its contributors, we will be doing so immediately.

Firstly, there will be an increase in payouts for both FAQ of the Month and for FAQ Bounties. We value our contributors and want to be the best destination possible for anyone who wants to contribute a guide. We know that we haven’t been as competitive as we should have been when it comes to wooing guide authors, and therefore we will be raising the amount that we reward guides that are chosen as FAQ of the Month as well as offering significantly more, larger FAQ Bounties going forward. More information about these improvements will be covered very soon on the FAQ Contributor board.

Secondly, we will also be committing to running contests more often and with larger prizes. You can look forward to the next GameFAQs sitewide contest this summer. More information about this contest will be coming out in the upcoming months.

This domain move might sound like something negative, but it’s actually a great sign of our success that CBSi wants GameSpot and GameFAQs to share the stage together. We owe all of that success to you all: the contributors, the message board posters, and everyone in between. So please, bear with us during this transition, and you have my promise that you, our loyal community, will reap the benefits.

"Um, let's face it, you'd be better off staying at the Hilton." |
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