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User Info: CJayC

14 years ago#11
What is your view on Purgatory, and why it is that many users are getting purgatory when they would have been banned in the past? Can we expect to see a rising ratio of purgatory-to-ban or the other way around?

Purgatory is a good thing, as it acts as a long-term suspension. It doles out punishment, but allows the user to make amends and keep their old account. It's primarily used for offenses that are serious, but not necessarily ban-worthy, and for long-term users.

What is the reasoning behind the apparently more lenient enforcement as a whole? For example, censor bypassing used to be an instant ban, and now it's a notification. Are the rules softening as time goes on?

Yes, in parts. Initially, moderators didn't have the option to do anything but ban. Then Warnings were created for short-term suspensions, and finally Purgatory for longer-term ones. We're looking at making some changes in how punishments are decided, and that'll likely happen in the next month or so.

Why is topicality still enforced on ancient PC games? Is this a blanket rule for all PC game boards?

Yes. Topicality is enforced on all boards for all current and recent systems.

Will any systems be removed from topicality in the future? Some of the systems have been dead for over a decade, and still have topicality rules.

No. Old gaming boards were never _intended_ as free boards, they just became that way. In a perfect world, every board would have topicality enforced, and users would have a much larger number of free social boards for off-topic discussion, but when and if that happens, it'll be a long, slow process to avoid any major upheavals.

Any thoughts about combining the flaming and trolling rules into one rule, because most flames can be classified as trolling?

They're two different things, although quite a few posts moderated for one are actually both...

Considering how vague and open to interpetation the TOS can be in some places (trolling, off-topic, disruptive), how much effort is being put into clarifying it?

We're looking at clarifying those in the near future.

What do you think about violation hunters: the obsessive users who nitpick over the rules and obsess over becoming moderators?

They generally do more harm than good. Someone who marks every borderline violation is no better than someone who marks no violations.

Any chance of adding a "topic closure" moderation reason, so users know that it's not an actual moderation, and won't count against them?

It's stored in the database as a moderation just so we keep track of who closed the topic.

Is the trolling rule going to be altered or enforced more strictly? Many boards are plagued with trolls that take a long time to get banned, and just come back with new accounts when they do.

If you just ignored trolls, they'd go away. Okay, I know that isn't happening, but yes, we're looking at ways to handle the more obsessive trollers on the boards.
Lighten up. The world is not out to get you, except in the sense that the world is out to get everyone.

User Info: CJayC

14 years ago#12
Whatever happened to the GameFAQs T-shirt idea?

Unfortunately, the problem lies in just how much I'd freak out the first time I saw someone wearing one at the mall.

Seriously, I'd forgotten all about it. I've passed the idea along to people who actually do these kinds of things for GameSpot, so we'll see where that takes us.

Have you ever given out karma to anybody for any reason at all (not counting anniversary bonuses)?

Probably in a very few cases, although I can't remember specifics of each one. When it's been done, it's been done for people who have done good things for the site (i.e. reporting security holes).

How do you feel about programs like the GameFOX Firefox extension? Do you have a problem with them being used to browse the site?

They're fine; I have no personal problem, although I really don't want to hear about it when we do something to the site that breaks them (unintentionally, of course, like the CNET G&E bar that recently went online).
Lighten up. The world is not out to get you, except in the sense that the world is out to get everyone.

User Info: CJayC

14 years ago#13
Why were the links to the help files reverted to the obsolete files during the universal account setup, and what kind of priority is it to get the current or updated help files up?

The help files are currently back under the new system, but they're still outdated. I hope to have them back up to date before E3.

Why isn't the topic search function available to everyone? It would make it much easier for newbies to find answers rather than posting repeat topics.

It was initially set up that way to decrease load and make it a special privilege. That's something that will likely be made more accessible in the near future.

Why was the ability to close accounts removed, and will it ever be reinstated?

With the account changeover, they don't "close" in the same way as before, but I will look into bringing the function back for those who want it. In the meantime, you can close your entire universal account from GameSpot whenever you want.

In the Posting History, why was the column with the number of posts a user made in the topic removed.

Removing it streamlined the database query.

Why is so much of a banned user's profile hidden from view? All that would seemingly need to be removed is the public email, IM name, sig, and quote. This causes problems for suspended users who can't view their moderation history due to it being hidden from their own profile.

It's removed as there's no point in having it there; a banned user deserves no promotion or recognition. As for _suspended_ users not being able to view their profile, that's a bug that just needs to be fixed.

Why is it that we wait 10 seconds to get forwarded after marking a message but only 5 after posting one?

I don't know. That's just the timer on the page, and that's the way I set it up ages ago. I should probably make those consistent...

What's the deal with the ??? name for Level 36 users?

They had to vote on their new name.

If enough interest is shown in meta-mod, will it ever be brought back?

Unlikely; there was no interest while it was active, so bringing it back would likely just create a brief resurgence and then a fade back into obsolescence.

Can the "You should be returned to the Message List automatically..." screen be customized for more options on where it can take you (ie beginning of topic, end of topic, topic list on the board)?

Sure. That's not a bad idea.

Could you increase amount of characters in the "Other" box of the mark for moderation screen from 100 to say 250-300 characters? Sometimes a longer explanation is needed why a post would justify a deletion

That's something I can look into.

Is there any possibility that the character limit (but not the line limit) of signatures and quotes could be increased? Say 200 characters in two lines for signatures, and similar extension for quotes?

Perhaps; that may be something that can be tied to user levels as well...

Will Manual sorting of favorite boards be added to the site? It would be great to be able to sort the links to boards manually under each category rather than just be able to alphabetize them.

That's a bit of a coding exercise, but it's a good feature that I probably can spend the time to add.

Any plans of putting in buttons to activate/deactivate bold/italic/etc font instead of having to use tags?

Right now, the GameFAQs post message page is in plain text with no JavaScript, and that's been a good choice for us (compare it to GameSpot's posting page, which is nice, but it's just not GameFAQs).

What's the chance that the limit on number of topics per board per day could be increased by maybe.... 5?

There's a chance. We'll likely be revisiting account posting limits in the future.

How are the chances of revising the board source so double spaces and the <TT> HTML-command are allowed? It'd do wonders for the GD&P and WD&P boards.

It's something that will be considered as we go through the next round of site upgrades.

Is there any chance of the flood limit being raised to 4 posts per minute once a user reaches Icon? It would be nice to have a reward for staying here for so long.

We'll likely be revisiting account posting limits in the future.

Have you considered allowing hotlinking?

Perhaps, although there tends to be a bit of risk involved in doing so, especially given our track record of attracting the kind of people who would abuse that ability to the site.

Any thoughts about putting in underline tags, and spoiler text tags (text is unreadable unless highlighted)?

Underlines aren't really a priority, and spoiler tags have far too high of a potential for abuse. But neither are out of the question.

Would a private message system be feasible, or would it be too difficult to control?

This is actually something you'll probably see (slowly) implemented on the site.

What are the chances of a "My Active Topics" feature, where you could look up all the active topics that you created?

It wouldn't be hard to create, but it's not all that different from the active posts list...

Lighten up. The world is not out to get you, except in the sense that the world is out to get everyone.

User Info: CJayC

14 years ago#14
Why are "game help" boards created, when the general boards exist?

Um, for help on games. General boards for popular games are often drowned with plot and character discussions, making it hard for people to get help. The help board exists to allow users wanting help to get a bit more focus.

Why do some boards (like Final Fantasy X) have so many split boards? Barely anybody posts on them

Back when they were created, pretty much every board was used regularly. They'll likely be compressed back again before too long.

Do you think there should be a split board, of a social topic board (Games/Vote offs/Role playing/etc.), since most social boards of a game are against discussion about the game itself in that board? Are game social boards an efficient means towards segregating game topics and social ones?

The current system has worked out well for us for quite a while now; there's no pressing drive to change it, although the rate at which boards are split needs to be really stepped up.

Will the criteria for adding social boards to games be lowered, and will we see new social boards appear soon?

Yes, and yes.

What was the reason for making the site take a person straight to the general board rather than the split board listing for a game who has multiple boards assigned to it?

That happens from the search engine, but not the game's main site pages, and that's just due to how the search engine is set up.

Will the old board numbers continue to link to the (renumbered) boards forever?

Not forever; the old links will likely go away this summer.

How about quick post and topic tagging features, as some web browser extensions allow for?

Since I don't use the extensions in question, I don't know enough about it to know how simple it would be to implement.

Would you mind giving a "State of the LUE Address", as it were? Has the privatization worked out as you hoped? Has the board shown any noticeable improvement since then? If they demonstrate enough positive behavior, will it be reopened, or is it going to remain closed until the end of time?

Private LUE is better than public LUE in the same way a 15-car collision is better than a 16-car collision. :) And there will be no new signups for LUE. It's an exclusive club, for whatever that's worth.

Also, mind telling us how many users signed up for LUE originally, and how many still have active accounts? There's a petition running around for a doomsday clock of sorts, but as that likely won't happen, maybe just a one time hint?

22,584 accounts originally signed up for LUE. Of those, 17,193 remain, the rest being lost to bans and purges.

Was the deleted messages board removed due to the merging or was it just deleted? If it was the merge, is it in the works to be readded?

The reason for its existence is being sorted out separately, so it'll be going away forever.

Will any social boards be getting a karma requirement or userlevel upgrade anytime soon? (RI, CE, etc)

Probably not.

Will any social boards be privatized? (RI, CE, etc)

Probably not.

Will sign-ups be held for any new site-wide private boards (not user created boards) with a slightly relaxed atmosphere?

Not sure what this question means...

Does RI have any lenience with the disruptive posting provision of the TOS like LUE's slight relaxing of the offensive rule? The board description of RI would seem to suggest so...

I believe the moderators treat it that way, until someone decides to abuse the leeway, which they do regularly.

Are there any plans to turn WoT into a special interest board with topicality?

That's probably where it needs to head.

Will there ever be a social board for MBH?


Any plans of making a board for the online game Ogame?


Why do the GameFaqs Forums Beta Bug Reports/GameFAQs/GameSpot Beta Testing boards still exist? They currently seem to be used for little else but secret boards and exploit testing.

They'll likely be closed down soon.

Will the descriptions for Long-Timers, Veterans, Legends, and Elite will ever to changed to be more fitting of the board? The boards don't live up to the "No fads, polls, daily, or random posts" rules much anymore

True. Got any better ideas?

Can the Pro Wrestling board be turned into a split board, with Pro Wrestling: WWE, Pro Wrestling: Independent/Lucha/Puroresu, and Pro Wrestling: E-Feds boards being the main ones? The Tournaments board is mostly dead, and the tournaments can be played on the applicable game social boards anyway.

If the majority of board users agree, that'd be fine by me.

Word association? LUE, AP, RI, CE

Sorry, I don't know those words... :)

How much "hands on" involvement do you have with the petitions on Site Suggestions?

Not much; I need to be more hands-on there...

Would you consider setting up a more formal suggestion/petition process, so users with petitions in progress have some idea if it's worthwhile continuing to maintain them for months? And, could there be a better (more formal) system for submitting petitions -better than the current 'email it and pray' system?

That'd be a good idea in theory... And maybe I'll look at implementing it someday. In the meantime, the sticky topics should help.

Would you consider posting a help file (or sticky topic) specifically for SS, with a list of what not to petition for and guidelines for creating new petitions? The ground rules are great, but they mainly cover general petition protocol.

Lighten up. The world is not out to get you, except in the sense that the world is out to get everyone.

User Info: CJayC

14 years ago#15
So, from a small weekend project to a huge monster of a website that's taken a whole lot of your time to keep up with this last near-decade. Overall, has it all been worth it?


If you could go back in time and change one decision you've made in your operation of GameFAQS, what would it be?

If I went back and changed something, then the site likely wouldn't be where it is today, and I'm happy with where the site is today. Didn't you guys see the Butterfly Effect?

(Yeah, neither did I, but I read the reviews.)

Any plans for the distant future? How long do you plan to keep at this? What are your plans for the site and for yourself when you step down?

I gave up long ago trying to make plans for the long-term, as I really have no idea what's around the bend. I never expected to run the site for a year, and I certainly never imagined I'd be approaching 10 years. I don't have any current plans to step down, but when and if I do, I want to make sure that I do it right and leave behind something I can still be proud of.


In closing, I hope this has cleared a few things up, and made some more things make sense. And maybe I'll even do something like this on a regular basis..
Lighten up. The world is not out to get you, except in the sense that the world is out to get everyone.
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