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User Info: greybeard

3 years ago#1
I've been saving it for years in the expectation it was going to be as great as many people claim. However after getting to about 70% through I'm seriously in two minds about this.

I'm an old school Tomb Raider fan which is said to have been 'inspired' by the original Prince Of Persia 2D platformer. There is a definite link between the two franchises, indeed when this game sticks to those platforming tasks and other puzzles it is as good as the best TRs.

I could complain about the controls which feel like you're pushing the prince through a bowl of porridge, particularly when climb stairs. Certain actions like the multiple wall jumping are also peculiarly tricky to time correctly and the camera is not without faults either. That is par for the course.

Where I have real issue is the simply tedious combat. In old Core TRs this is peripheral, an aside, the core of the game are those other elements mentioned. In PoP: SoT in many areas you have to engage and destroy all enemies or the exit is unavailable elevating this boring and repetitive task well beyond its entertainment value. It quickly becomes a chore and often not an easy one either.

It happens again and again. You have a great puzzle section and finish with one of these combat areas where they spawn and re-spawn in various combinations groups of three or four enemies so you end up having to take out a dozen or more in total. It sucks all the good feelings you had about solving the previous area and stamps it to death.

Other problems I have with the game and am not alone with judging from the old threads here:-

1). Yes I too wanted to shut up the deeply annoying 'friendly' guard in the plug puzzle room.

2). The voice sound level in some of the cut scenes with the prince and Farah is strangely reduced.

3). I hate the patronising 'dream' previews of the upcoming section (skippable) and as for the unskippable fly-by of the relevant puzzle elements whenever you enter a new area. I don't need to see that, I don't want to see that just let me work it out for myself, please.

4). The tiresome cut-scene you get of the prince whenever all the enemies have been killed.

5). English voice acting choice for the prince is odd. It's not bad, although the dialogue stinks at times, but wasn't it possible to get somebody who at least sounded more appropriate ie. they were of vaguely Middle-Eastern origin?

6). Save/HP top up position issues: I have on more than one occasion saved a position where it seems you can't actually proceed because you don't have enough health. There's no health fountain/pool in the room and you suffer apparently unavoidable damage navigating through the next area.

So to conclude: generally a really good game but with at least one significant and unnecessary bad gameplay design decision and other less significant ones running throughout.
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  3. Not As 'Perfect' As Some Reviews Have Claimed
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