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  3. Anyone notice anything when playing on a 360?

User Info: jesterpunk0182

11 years ago#1
So I've been playing this through backwards compatibility on the 360, and I'm noticing there's huge slowdown during a lot of the fights. I played this years ago on the Gamecube, and I don't remember it being nearly this bad. Is it because of the software emulation, or was it always this bad?

User Info: Harbonuse

11 years ago#2
I think it's just the emulation. A problem I'm getting is that my 360 overheats after playing for about 10 minutes. Which really sucks, because it shuts down usually as soon as I get to a save point, but right before I can save >=[

It's done it recently with the Force Unleashed demo and Armored Core 4, but it seems abnormal. My room is decently cold, and none of the air shafts are blocked up. I even have a fan blowing on the power supply. It's starting to really get on my nerves...

User Info: Uilnslcoap

11 years ago#3
It's probably the thermal paste giving out that's causing the overheat.

I'm not of a mechanical bent, but when I got the Red Ring of Death recently, I searched around online for answers, and opened up my 360 and fixed it myself (needed to buy some tools and access to an online video guide to fixing it, though). The thermal paste had basically cracked away almost entirely, leaving the GPU and CPU exposed to tons of heat, so I removed the old thermal paste, put on some new, better thermal paste, put everything back together and it was fixed.

Again, it wasn't free, but it was better than sending it to Microsoft, waiting for weeks, and then having it break a few months later to start the cycle again. I've violated my warranty, but it was only on for a few more months, and I'm satisfied I did as good a job as they would have.
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  3. Anyone notice anything when playing on a 360?
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