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User Info: jedi_watchman

12 years ago#1
So my 360 broke and I've been forced to delve into my original Xbox library which has some 100 titles I've never played.

After playing several different games and being generally disappointed I finally decide to give this game a try.

At 33% completion it's now one of my favorite games of last gen. Totally awesome. The gameplay is perfect, the controls smooth and the animations flawless. Even the art style keeps it from looking too "last gen".

The best part is I still have the rest of this game and Two Thrones.

p.s. Another Xbox game that does not disappoint is Soul Calibur 2. Very fun and addictive, even single player.

User Info: MrTamborineMan

12 years ago#2
Get Warrior Within too, it's the second in the trilogy and The Two Thrones is the third.

I agree, Prince of Persia is my favourite series of all time, all of them are great.
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User Info: Ness0123456789

11 years ago#3
Yeah, I love Sands of Time too, but there's one major problem I have with it.

Ubisoft has found a way to take an amazing platformer, and destroy it every time you have to fight something. I love every aspect of the running, jumping, dodging, and platforming. But it seems once the game throws an enemy at you, it falls to part. Poorly designed combat mechanics, terribly imbalanced fights that drag out for way to long, and just poor execution really drags this game down.

I'd actually have more fun with Sands of Time if it was more like ICO, where combat is just that, an after thought, and the emphasis is on the puzzles and platforming. Ubisoft seemed to follow the same route, but made combat integral to proceeding, even though it feels like an after thought.
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User Info: Uilnslcoap

11 years ago#4
Just use the right moves and the fighting IS an afterthought (which it should be...Two Thrones mostly fixed this with stealth kills, which work much better for the series IMO).

Just make sure to wall-bounce at the right enemies or bounce over their heads off the wall (but you have to figure out which moves work on which enemies), and every enemy can be taken down in one move.

Topic creator: YES, this game is one of the best of its generation, definitely in my top 30 or 50 games or so.
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User Info: Uilnslcoap

11 years ago#5
To follow up, Ness, I agree with you, absolutely, the fighting is annoying in the context of the platforming/puzzles, but the fighting gets easier (and rote/routine like Ico) if you experiment a little.

I always resent it when Farah (sp?) shoots me with an arrow. Also, why doesn't she stay away from the fighting when she has a range weapon?! Her getting killed is so irksome, when she should be fifty feet away, picking off strays.
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User Info: MrTamborineMan

11 years ago#6
I thought the combat, once you get good at it, is easy and can be an afterthought of sorts. I'm playing through the trilogy again here son, you guys want to do it too? We can post and keep track.
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User Info: Red_Jester

11 years ago#7
The combat system is just bad, period. It's a shame considering how much combat they throw at you. Of course, the camera angles were pretty damn annoying as well. That problem persisted in Warrior Within as well.
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User Info: anfise

11 years ago#8
I have just completed the game after coming to the series seeing it recommended on a Tomb Raider board.

It is indeed an awesome title! I'm now happy to say the sequels are bought and on their way.
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