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User Info: Frugget

13 years ago#1
I noticed there's a serious lack of topics on the forum for this game (Even less than Final Fantasy Adventure, a game made in 1991).
So, I propose we start a High score list. If you have any abnormally high scores you have on any of the minigames that you wish to brag about, then go for it. Even better, try to beat other people's scores. And don't lie about your high score, it ruins it for the rest of us.
I'll start us off with:

Orbulon: 92
Dribble & Spitz: 72
Paper Plane: 128
SkatingBoard: 130
Jump Forever: 128
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User Info: kuletuge

13 years ago#2
Spitz and drible: 87
Wario 1st: 62
Fast elevatior: 43
Hard elevator: 52
Easy elevator: 104
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User Info: Gens0

13 years ago#3
Oh, yeah!

Pyoro 2: 24000
Pyoro: 14190

Jump Forever: 168
SkatingBoard: 154
Paper Plane: 124
Dr. Crygor: 74
Introduction: 72
Jimmy: 70
Orbulon: 68
Dribble & Spitz:64
9-Volt: 57
Mona: 53
Kat & Ana: 53
Wario: 52

That's All!
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User Info: litegamer91

13 years ago#4
Got a high score of 68,300 on Dr. Wario just now.

User Info: sickbullet

13 years ago#5
lol - http://www.cyberscore.net/game-ww-inc.php
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User Info: TJF588

13 years ago#6
Oh jeebus...

Intro: 61
Jimmy: 63
Mona: 73
Dribble: 74*
9-Volt: 59*
Remix No. 1: 58*
Crygor: 74*
Orbulon: 89
Kat: 71
Remix No. 2: 42
Wario: 58 (otherwise, 49s)
Easy: 312
Thrilling: 53
Hard: 45
Total Boss: 13/12/12
Dr.Wario: 72800
Fly Swatter: 200
Jump Forever: 104 (I wanted the music select)
SkatingBoard: 140 (beat my y-y-sis's high of 128)
Paper Plane: 104 (sadly, no bonus for 100+ like in SB
Pyoro: 10310

Not gonna delve into individual microgames.

*notice how these stop obnoxiously close to a 1-UP opportunity...
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User Info: lex_the_mage

13 years ago#7
my only good one is paper plane, its at like 256
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User Info: Rainierman

13 years ago#8
Orbulon 125. And I lost at the boss because I didn't know the time ran out ;_;.
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User Info: Rainierman

13 years ago#9
I counted, and it isn't possible to get 125 and end fighting with the Boss, so I guess I was wrong. I lost that highscore so I tried again and got 119, this one is certain.
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User Info: Lord_Tash

12 years ago#10
86 on Crazy Cars. (A jumping car finally did me in. Those things are impossible to dodge at that speed)
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