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User Info: jeremeel2015

2 years ago#1
Good day everyone, is anyone here got a gameshark or codebreaker for maximizing the fishing rod experience? i already tried almost every codes i see in google, all of them are maxing the tools EXCEPT for the rod...

User Info: BonFails

2 years ago#2
I cant find any too so i just go to the bar and use my rod there then everytime i used up my stamina i buy box lunch. Btw fastforward it so you wont be bored. Thats the way i maxed my rod.

User Info: cwjakesteel

2 years ago#3
Have you tried using cheat engine?

You can also search for cheats in-game.
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User Info: FranckKnight

2 years ago#4
The problem with the cheats is that the game changes the location of things in memory, lots of games use this method too, but use a 'master code' to forcibly lock it so that the locations of the data in memory doesn't change.

If you use an emulator like VBA, you can view memory blocks in real time. Once you find the general vicinity of where it's stored (like look for your name, your animal names...), you can figure out where the current level of the tool is by using it a few times and watching numbers increase.

Normally, your energy will decrease, but your EXP for that toll will increase. The EXP is actually 4 numbers in memory (2 bytes), and it doesn't work by levels but by EXP. So when you have enough EXP it turns to copper, silver, gold or mistrille level in your status screen. When you found the location in the data, try inputting numbers and opening your status screen to see how much your EXP increases.

I filled with this before because when I wrote my small guide I wanted to include these codes, and mistakingly wrote in absolutely 100% gonna work, tested by me. Yeah, my bad there.

Why I was able to test these was because of Save States abuse, which doesn't change the position in memory. It changes every time you turn off the GBA/Emulator as far as I know, didn't realize that at the time.

I've poked at various bits of codes, like the 'affection' rating for animals, trying to give them a crown. One of the more interesting results was that maxing their affection would cause them to die on the next day, so the way the game stores data can be odd, like rolling affection and age values into a single value.

Other things of interest was that mine floors are essentially considered as maps. Each area of the game has a 'number' assigned to it, after listing all of the outside and inside areas, mine maps start. And both mines are sequential in the maps, so let's say the first mines stop at value 86 (hexadecimal), then 87 is the first floor of the lake mine. Manipulating what floor you're currently are on and using a stair can effectively move you from one mine to the other and at the floor you want.

I've found the values, but finding the proper location in your game's RAM to make a code can take a bit of time since it moves around like that. And you can't keep most codes turned on either, you usually need to change the value manually, or turn the code on and back off, otherwise it breaks the game. Gameshark codes essentially work by constantly forcing a value into memory, non stop. So that seems to mess with how the game checks for data in one way or another.

For the mines I had to turn on the code, step on the stairs, turn off the code, choose 'yes' to go down. If the code stayed on, I would be stuck and unable to move on the following floor. It's that weird.
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