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  3. Why do the harvest sprites suck?

User Info: LotionExplosion

9 years ago#1
I got one to work for me for one day and then he lost a heart. What gives? Also I read up that you want to make them work every second day, is there an easy way to do this or do I have to visit them every day to give them a job?
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User Info: FranckKnight

9 years ago#2
There's no easy way to hire them. And no, they do not suck. They just need lots of training to be able to work faster on large areas, but you can usually cover lots of ground with two, and you have 7 to use total.

You only need 1 for animals, leaving 6. The 'every two day' is for fall mostly, in which corn is ready to harvest every two days, and would be too much to harvest alone if you have a big garden of them.

And yes they naturally lose heart points when working for you, but not a whole lot. You can give them gifts while they are working to counter this, or bring them gifts when you hire them, it's easier to tag them. You don't need to do it everytime either, just once in a while, when you see them lose a heart.

Fortunatly their ability to work fast is not related to their hearts, you just need a minimum of 3 hearts for them to work for you, and they need the lowest amount of points total to max out affection, compared to the other villagers (like half of it).
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User Info: pamboys

9 years ago#3
the harvest sprite are in fact very very very easy hire!! that's a fact!!

you can hire them all starting a spring 4(bold's birthday), and then giving them all FLOUR <the harvest sprite drug.

you dont even need extra cash to do it you just ship the foregeable stuff and buy flour. once or twice a day. giving them colored grasses is a bad idea, just ship them 1 colored grass = two flours. its better to be stingy if your just starting out.

giving Bold a Flour at Spring 4 will make him wanna start working after receiving the flour. <easy as Pie :3
if you give 1 flour to another sprite in the same day, you need to give two more flours in the following two days for them to start working. Or you can give them seven flours straight a single day to recruit them right away.

See how easy that is :3

and keeping them at work is even easier. just give them flowers everyday(your choice if you want to give them stuff. but at least give them something two or three times a week), Honey for hoggy <he doesn't like flowers

User Info: luigi4728

9 years ago#4
with some training and gifts you will never have to work at the farm ever again!!! instead you can slack off at the beach and enjoy some milk that the harvest sprites worked oh so hard to get for you
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