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User Info: green_abobo

5 years ago#1
its my first joachim run, ever, & somethings not right.

idk if this has happened to anyone else before, but after I killed the succubus, she drops the orb. I cannot grab it, open the map, or exit the room, at all.

like the game "locks up" even though its still running?

I reset & replayed the section again to see if this strange behavior persists, & it did.

come to think of it, the succubus' health bar disappears like 3/4 of the way through. like she took way more punishment then she should've.

think its a bad disc? ive had the game since the day it launched. never had a problem like this using leon.

la da da dee la dee da da la dee da abracadabra...
la da da dee la dee da da la dee da hocus pocus
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