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User Info: genestealer

9 months ago#11
Yeah, clearing floors by killing all enemies makes no difference to the item, so unless you're after the exp/item/money rewards there's no reason to do so.

User Info: grandcalabash

8 months ago#12
im way late to the party but if anyone is still here i would like to add the following contributions.

cleric line is also a viable choice for a caster.

rogue is probably the best thief because they gain levels faster . their exp to level coeficient is 4 compared to the sapce pirate's 9 meaning that they level about 2.25 times as fast. and unlike other units level realy is the stat that matters for them.

important rogue level threshholds based on the formula from the disgaea wiki and stealing with a bandit's glove and getting a 99% chance

without stronger enemies bills
baal 2117
item god 2 3584
prinny baal 3118

anything stealable but prinny baal at max level 5117

prinny baal max level 5118

User Info: FoxDE42

8 months ago#13
Good to know, thank you :)

I'm also glad I now know that I can just start a new game plus and beat Baal again for a new Nemesis, I thought it was if you miss stealing one from Item God 2 it's gone forever.
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