Angel or Flonne?

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User Info: FoxDE42

2 weeks ago#1
I want to have a pure mage on my team, but I'm trying to debate whether or not I want that role to be filled by Flonne, or by an Angel Paladin. I'd give either Omniscient Staff and Arcadia both max level, though on this file I don't plan to go crazy with the specialists.

I played Disgaea Hour of Darkness years ago, and I got bored trying to level up a team of about 14 characters. I hope to try to do the same thing now that I'm older and have more dedication (just a different team than last time.) I think a part of what made me unmotivated on my last file was I screwed up stealing a Nemesis from Item God 2 and I had to use Nemesis MKII on my monsters which since you don't level it up the right way is much weaker than Nemesis (is that still true in this Disgaea, that leveling 1-100, killing Item Generals/Kings/Gods along the way in one sitting make for a better weapon/armor than just doing it one at a time and using Mr. Gency's Exits?)

Any advise is appreciated, thanks.

User Info: genestealer

1 week ago#2
Personally I find Flonne preferrable because:
No counters - there's rarely any reason for a mage to counter, they might either direct more attacks to themselves or kill an enemy you wanted to keep alive. Having a unit with decent defenses that doesn't counter has proven useful on a surprising number of occasions.
No spells - the spell inventory consists of what you put there, instead of being cluttered by a bunch of lower tier elementals and heals, which there's little to no reason to use. Character specials go on the bottom, meaning they rarely get in the way.

Angels do get some more tangible benefits though, in the form of better movement and higher stat growths (granted, with reincarnation the latter is fairly negligible). So if that matters more to you than the above, obviously go with Angel. IMO they also look better with Omni staff than Flonne does.

FoxDE42 posted...
(is that still true in this Disgaea, that leveling 1-100, killing Item Generals/Kings/Gods along the way in one sitting make for a better weapon/armor than just doing it one at a time and using Mr. Gency's Exits?)
Which Disgaea does this? I've never heard of that applying to this game, and it definitely doesn't apply in Disgaea 2.

User Info: FoxDE42

1 week ago#3
Someone told me a long time ago if you go through 1-100 without taking a break, you level up better than if you just do it with a Mr Gency's Exit. I guess that's not true, though. It's probably just better to kill item general/king/god.

Thanks for the advice :) I may go with either, both seem like good choices. I'm probably not going to reincarnate anyone on my file and just get to 9999 (since it really isn't required to defeat Baal,) so I may go with an angel.

User Info: genestealer

6 days ago#4
I don't see why you'd put all the time into getting to 9999 if you're not going to increase base stats at all. Most of the stats will come from the staff and having max weapon mastery in that case, what you get from leveling is pretty insignificant compared to that (level increases the armor multiplier but has no effect on the weapon multiplier).

As for going 1-100, I've heard you have to do that in the ports (in a R40) to get the Hyperdrive, but in this game there should be no reason to do it.

User Info: FoxDE42

6 days ago#5
It may have been to get the Hyperdrive that I was thinking of, or someone mis-conveyed it to me and personally thought it gave better stats because someone told them to do 1-100 to get the Hyperdrive. This was yeaaaaaars ago that I played Disgaea, and it's quite possible I misremembered it too.

The only reason I'd use Flonne is A) to use the 3 main story characters (I intended to use Laharl and Etna too,) but honestly I may not. I think I'd prefer leveling an angel to 9999, and the main reason I want my characters to be 9999 is so I can steal stuff from Item God/2.

One last question:

What level does a Space Pirate (Thief Class) have to be to steal from a 9999 enemy? When I level up my characters, I usually start to increase enemy levels so I can get more levels and I do this at the same time I start to collect items/level items. I don't know if Item God 2 can ever get to level 9999, but I'd like to be able to steal from them if that's ever the case.

User Info: genestealer

6 days ago#6
Wow, it's been so long I totally forgot there's an actual requirement to be able to steal stuff. A thief at level 6000-something can steal anything with any hand. Unfortunately I can't recall the exact number. If you just want the levels for stealing there's the alternative of capturing monsters - having the steal chance capped is annoying, but getting a thief to that level is quite a time investment too. Whether it's worth it or not depends on just how much you want to do on your file. I say worth it, since even a thief will be a pretty competent unit at that level, assuming you grind up some weapon mastery for it in another class first.

User Info: FoxDE42

6 days ago#7
That sounds like a good idea actually :) I'll make my thief something else and reincarnate him.

I like the monster stealing mechanic of Disgaea, I stole a level 9999 Surt from in front of Baal's castle and used it to kill Baal. I had sadly reincarnated it into a Kagutsuchi right afterwards though and didn't have anything that could steal from Item God 2 for another Nemesis.

User Info: FoxDE42

5 days ago#8
Oooooone last question:

If I have to Mr Gency's Exit on an Item General/King/God, can I go back into that specific level and fight them again without messing up the stats of the weapon? The reason I ask is because I once had it where Item General (or possibly King,) was wayyyyyy out in the middle of nowhere on a single tile. It made it literally impossible to hit him. It frustrated me because he had a good legendary weapon too.

User Info: genestealer

5 days ago#9
That should be perfectly fine, the only requirements are that you kill the item boss and advance the level. Doing that straight after entering the same level makes no difference.

Really, the only ways you can "mess up" the stats of an item are:
-advancing a level with an item boss without killing that item boss
-killing an item boss and advancing the level without having the item filled with specialists, though the difference from a single specialist on a single kill is extremely minor

I think you're misremembering about the single tile part, item generals/kings/gods all get their special piece of scenery that they always start the level on. They can still be unreachable, of course.

User Info: FoxDE42

5 days ago#10
Ah, gotcha. It may have been that one enemy out of all of them was on a single tile and I was killing all enemies to advance. Is it only General/King/God that you have to kill to level up its stats? Clearing all rooms doesn't impact the item's stats?

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