How do I grind in this level exactly?

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  3. How do I grind in this level exactly?

User Info: Blade_Maker

1 month ago#1
I'm talking about 5-3. I get I need to get to the panel where they aren't invincible, but that's all I really got.

Edit: I should ALSO mention I don't know how to get the enemies/my units to that spot quickly.
I really hate not having an idea on what I'm doing.

User Info: Zurkon

1 month ago#2
There's two different ways to do it. The first is to throw the enemies onto the green geo panel and attack them there so your team is still on invincibility and they're not. The other way is to have two characters next to each side of it. At the beginning of the turn one will throw the invincibility geo onto the green panel to remove invincibility from the red panels and then your team attacks the enemy. Before you end the turn, the second character throws the invincibility geo back onto red so when the enemy attacks your team has invincibility.

You want to throw the enemies onto each other to raise their level and get more exp from them. Make sure not to make them too strong or else you won't be able to damage them.

The way to get to it is just to walk there and throw enemies out of your way. Unfortunately, there's no quicker way.

User Info: ZekuMusashi

1 month ago#3
Zurkon posted...
Make sure not to make them too strong

Also, don't raise their level above 99, as at that point, the EXP gained plummets harshly.

Level 99 is a sweet spot / massive spike in the EXP formula,
and it only catches up to / surpasses that high point at level ~300.

(Though conversely, it means leveling your party
gets faster for a bit there once you've passed 99.)
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  3. How do I grind in this level exactly?

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