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User Info: UltraOverlord

2 years ago#271
Wow I posted here last December!

User Info: RenamonFOX

2 years ago#272
LackingLack posted...
I have a question concerning the Dark Assembly. Specifically for people who are at the phase of the game where they can easily destroy the last Story stage and are prepared to begin exploring "postgame". It is very hard to pass the bills to open access to the "secret" areas. Which is the more efficient approach: bribing repeatedly or becoming strong enough and just slaughtering the entire Assembly? I would think slaughter sounds faster than bribing, but at the same time bribing "lasts forever" and you have to re-slaughter over and over once you do it the first time because they'll all loathe you forever then. So bribing seems like it takes more time initially to get going but once it is accomplished it is the preferable approach. Any ideas or advice on this?


LackingLack posted...
Ok I think I might answer my own question here but basically: My advice is to people to yes slaughter the Assembly to open up access to secret areas but then once you want to start passing Stronger Enemies and other routine bills, commence the bribing process at that point. The secret area bills are almost impossible to pass legit even with HOURS of work bribing! Hope that helps anyone.

Slaughter first, then once you become a tyrant, bribing will never have mattered, as every bill will pass.
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User Info: UltraOverlord

2 years ago#273
Damn I made that post seven months ago already

User Info: NoctustheOwl

1 year ago#274
live! the board must live! for those who enjoy strategy!

User Info: gatz900

1 year ago#275
This game is awesome
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User Info: domine_dragon

7 months ago#276
this is still the best disgaea

User Info: Drask

7 months ago#277
why i can't find item general?

User Info: UWin

6 months ago#278
"Now, stop asking stupid questions."

There are no stupid questions, just a******s with rude answers.

User Info: gwwak

1 month ago#279
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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  3. Read this first : over 100 questions answered ! *DON'T bump*

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