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    Q : What happens if I get an item when my inventory is full ?
    A :
    You can buy this item next time you enter a shop.
    Warning : this is one-time-only, so if you leave the shop without buying
    this item, it won't reappear (yes, even the Hyperdrive).
    Also, note that this doesn't work for the items you get from the Bonus Gauge.


    Q : What is the best weapon/armor/whatever, and how do I get it ?
    A : I will only list what I consider the "must-have" stuff.

    BEST HUMANOID WEAPON : Yoshi tsuna (Yoshi)
    It's the Rank 40 sword. It has a range of 5, and awesome stats.
    To get one, you need to go through all 100 floors in a Legendary Cosmic Blade
    or in another Yoshi, and steal it from the Item God (or Item God 2) there.
    Since the IG and IG2 are extremely powerful, it is HIGHLY recommended to exit
    on floor 99 and save, then reenter and beat the last 2 floors.
    DO NOT exit on floor 100, because if you do so, the IG won't have a Yoshi
    anymore when you reenter.
    You don't need to go through the 99 first floors at once.

    To get a Legendary Cosmic Blade, if you're lucky, you can steal one from
    the enemies in the Item World or get one in the Bonus Gauge.
    If you're unlucky, you can steal it from the IG on floor 100 in a
    Legendary Amano Hahakiri (same recommendations as the Yoshi).

    You can steal it from Baal (optional boss) or from the Item God 2 in another
    SRS (same stuff as the Yoshi).

    BEST OTHER EQUIPMENT : Hyperdrive (HD)
    This item enables the character who equips it to teleport anywhere on the map.
    You get it the first time you kill an Item God 2. It appears automatically
    in your inventory (or in the shop if your inventory is full).
    You can get more HDs by stealing them from the Item God 2 in another
    HD (same stuff as the Yoshi tsuna).

    BEST MONSTER WEAPON : Nemesis Mark-I
    Just like the SRS, you can steal it from Baal or from the Item God 2 in
    another Nemesis Mark-I.


    Q : Where can I get a legendary Amano Hahakiri ?
    Q :
    The same way you can get any other Legendary item : either by stealing it
    from an enemy or by getting it in a Bonus Gauge.
    The quickest way (if you're strong enough) would be to beat Beauty of Evil
    (the map where you get Marjoly) and then get back there until the
    sword-wielding Majin has a LAH (he always has an AH, but its Rarity is random)


    Q : What are Ranks, Rarity and Level ?
    A :
    Rank is a way of measuring how good an item is (a Rank 10 sword is more
    powerful than a Rank 4 sword). The lowest Rank is 1 and the highest is 41.
    There are very few Rank 41 Items, though, and they're already lv 100 when you
    get them.

    Rarity determines whether an item is Normal, Rare or Legendary. Rare items
    have higher stats and more Residents than Normal items, and Legendary items
    have even higher stats and even more Residents. Rarity can be anything in a
    range of 0-255 (the lower, the better).
    Rarity 0-7 = Legendary (the name of the item flashes gold)
    Rarity 8-32 = Rare (the name of the item flashes silver)
    Rarity 33-255 = Normal (the name of the item doesn't flash)

    Level starts at 0 for every item, and it increases everytime you clear a
    floor in the Item World of this item ("clear" = "get to the exit" OR "defeat
    all enemies").
    The higher the level, the better the stats of the item.
    The maximum level for an item is 30 for Normal items, 60 for Rare items, and
    100 for Legendary items.


    Q : How can I know the Rank of an item ?
    A :
    You need to find an FAQ with that info because it's not available in the game.