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User Info: Fish2010

10 years ago#1
Since the designer of the Project Opensky 737 VC has left for the payware world, I can't access the complete VC from the POSKY's websight. What I CAN get is a VC without any gauges. Is there any way I can still get the VC?

User Info: Frith

10 years ago#2
From the readme:

Just simply unzip the zip file to a temporary folder and copy the files inside
the effects folder to the effects folder in your fs9
(if prompted over write the current effects.)
Next copy the folder marked OS738_WE_VC_xx (xx will be represented by a two or three
other letters i.e. dr) to the aircraft folder in your fs9.
Next download the 2D panel from: http://www.projectopensky.com/downloads.php?aircraft=8ny7v&location=panelpackage
And install the panel as prompted by the panel readme.

That’s it.
Have a good flight.

The 2D panel contains all of the necessary gauges.

Have fun!
Stoe Orkeo!
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User Info: Fish2010

10 years ago#3
ok, thanks!
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