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  3. Is this just broken? Am i missing a weapon?

User Info: cornishpete

1 year ago#1
Boost guardian.
Takes out almost a full health bar on contact.

Is invincible when in a ball, which is 90 percent of the time.

When you morph into a ball to bomb its puddle back to solid form, not only does it ALWAYS hit you during the animation, but it then immediately balls up and you have to morph back to dodge it. And it always hits you in the animation back too.

I can get it to about half health, then i die.

Ive done this 7 times today.

Is there some kind of upgrade im missing that lets me hurt it in ball form?
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User Info: JCuster

1 year ago#2
Yeah, this version is absolutely broken. They improved on the difficulty in the Wii version. this one is just hard for no reason, sorry.
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User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
1 year ago#3
You can hit Boosty in puddle form IIRC. Use Light Beam for better results.
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User Info: JDM_Jev

1 year ago#4
Nah he's a well documented destroyer of dreams. Even the project manager at retro couldn't beat him without taking the game into debug mode.

You can have as many as 5 tanks prior to fighting him under normal gameplay, just never bother using super missiles. The 4 pillar things each give an ultra energy (100) when destroyed by boosty ramming into them and inglets can also be farmed for energy. He always boosts 3 times before trying to collide with you in puddle form. Try to hold your perspective at an angle with the ground so you can shoot charged light beams at him when he's in his black puddle form (he's immune to damage in the red one). You never have much time to attack him normally but in normal mode he can be killed before he goes into morph ball once, its hard but with perfect timing and skill and it can be done.
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User Info: MrPerson01

1 year ago#5
JCuster posted...
They improved on the difficulty in the Wii version.

They really didn't improve the difficulty. Wiimote aiming made it easier for people to hit it in its puddle form. Then there's the fact that Normal mode is actually Candyass mode, which is where all enemies dealt less damage to you in comparison to GC Normal (the Trilogy equivalent is Veteran).

User Info: sithmaster15

1 year ago#6
I think that even in veteran the damage dealt by the boost guardian is still reduced. I remember the fight feeling a lot more fair on the Wii. Maybe just damage from bumping into you in ball mode was nerfed, I don't quite remember.
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User Info: v4skunk

1 year ago#7
This boss was never a problem for me. The Spider Ball Guardian was a struggle.

User Info: Kuro-chan_101

11 months ago#8
If I recall, the boost ball attack can be hit by a bomb attack after it has finished moving around on the board, knocking it down to the pool phase, and greatly reducing how much it likes to bowl for Samus. That helped me get through Hypermode difficulty.
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User Info: SuperMarioGamer

9 months ago#9
Playing this game right now for the first time, well I can join with most others. I think it was my 4th try when I finally defeated the Boost Guardian, definitely the boss that has giving the hardest time so far (have just defeated Quadraxis).
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  3. Is this just broken? Am i missing a weapon?
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