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User Info: Ner_Zhul

9 years ago#1
Alliteration for the win. Anyways, I'm going to give you all a list of what I think are good campaigns, or seem to be good campaigns.

For the people who don't know what I'm talking about here is some help:

1-You need the Frozen Throne for sure.
2-Go to your campaigns folder. This is usually somewhere in C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\
3-Once you know where to download campaigns, download the campaign, you know if it's a campaign if it has the .w3n extension at the end.
4-Stick it in campaign folder, that simple.

The Chosen Ones 3.3a

A great, fun RPG, top notch campaign right here.


Black Company Campaign Beta v1.5

Only played one mission, but very hard, and refreshing campaign, also very good.


The Return of Alisia Dragoon

A unique campaign, this is based off a platformer from the Genesis(I think)


Deandra's Tale BRONZE

Haven't played, works though, made from a very respectable map-maker Med. Map Guy


Joe's Quest GOLD

Same deal as above, same author.


Mordork's Quest WOOD

Same deal, same author.


Warcraft: The Saga of Azeroth

Probably one of the oldest mods up there from 2003, and also one of the most respectable, I am currently playing this one.


War of Corruption

Forgot what this is.


Day of the Dragon

Hmm, I think this one is based off a real Warcraft book, and it follows the mage Rhonin.


User Info: Ner_Zhul

9 years ago#2
Warcraft: Orcs and Humans Remake

A remake of the first Warcraft, super good stuff.

----------Human Campaign


----------Orc Campaign


Rise of the Lich King

Haven't played, seems awesome though.


The Last Guardian

Same deal as above, haven't played, seems good.


Lord of the Clans

Also based on a book, it's about Thrall when he was a slave and when he was freed.


Wanderers of Sorceria

Possibly the most massive campaign I have EVER seen, it is in 6 parts, and bigger than Warcraft 3 itself.


Shards of Resistance: The Raiders

Running out of stuff to say >_>


The Troll War 1.4 Original

Not the same one I have, so not guaranteed to work.


User Info: Ner_Zhul

9 years ago#3
Forgotten War

I think I remember playing this, quite good, but not 100% chance of it working.


Mathias Chronicles Redux Part 1

Hehehe, forgot what this is again. Edited by Med. Map Guy.


Nature's Call - The Spiderqueen

Blah blah awesome good blah


The Adventures of Rowan the Wise

awesome blah


User Info: Ner_Zhul

9 years ago#4
And that's that! I may have said something like I didn't play it or didn't play it much, but I'm too lazy to edit that out, because I've played all of these and they are very promising. None of this is crap you'd find in your toilet, they are all something I'd play, and approved by many users, if I made a campaign sound boring, it's because I suck ass at descriptions, not because it sucks.

If you want to find more campaigns I suggest visiting the Hive Workshop.

Here are some campaigns that might not be done yet, but I'm anticipating

Realm Design's Dawn of Chaos


Heart of Storms Mod


Heart of Storms Mod has been in production for as long as I can remember, these forums may not be active, but I assure you, they are being worked on. Heart of Storms creator sometimes posts screenshots of the game.

User Info: Ner_Zhul

9 years ago#5
No one cares?

User Info: CrazyMan240

9 years ago#6
Nice list, will have to check some of these out.

User Info: ThEmrsmnNinKtty

9 years ago#7
Me too, must grab some of them.
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User Info: ThEmrsmnNinKtty

9 years ago#8
But not now ill wait at the end of the month since i don't trust my dsl cap.
The Embarrassment Ninja Kitty:
"Stop calling me UNCLE!. I never was and never will be, so stop pestering me!"

User Info: Amakusa

9 years ago#9
Saga of Azeroth, The Return of Alesia Dragoon, and Wanderers of Sorceria, in no particular order, were the best ones.

War of Corruption had some really good production behind it, but it also has extremely poor design decisions incorporated into it that prevent it from becoming great.

And I can't, for the life of me, remember what MedMapGuy's campaigns were about, at all. I only remember they were funny rather than actually being fun to play.
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User Info: jkongamer33

9 years ago#10
Thanks for the list! I'm going to take a stab at the Wanderers of Sorceria right now.
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