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Trcikster5123 14 years ago#1
I can only get one, tell me which is the best for gba, in order would be even more appreciated.
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darthprinny 14 years ago#2
Aria is my favorite by a long shot
Richter1234 14 years ago#3
Circle of the moon is just plain horrible unless you are a god at castlevania or want to spend 10 hours gaining levels. Harmony of a dissonance is just way to damn much. Going back and forth from castle to castle gets horrible. Aria of Sorrow is really the only enjoyable one. Get this one Its fun and has good replayability
The_Vic_Viper 14 years ago#4
Circle is the best, as it has the best additional modes after you beat the game, requires a hell of a lot less beating countless enemies to death just for rare drops, and great music. It's not that hard, just difficulty enough that you might actually have to put some effort into fighting the bosses.

Aria has the best story, and one of the coolest endings in a castlevania. It also has a huge variety of weapons and abilities. Unfortunately it can take a lot of time to get some of the rare souls.

In all other areas Circle and Aria are about equal. They're very close in quality, but Circle edges it out.

Harmony is pretty mediocre, though it has a great castle system. Unfortunately it is incredibly easy to the point of being boring. It also suffers from unoriginal bosses and a limited variety of attacks. However, you can get an Aria/Harmony double pack for the price of one game, so get that.

You should definitely get all three, and you probably be equally happy regardless of which of the two you get first. If you have a DS, you should also get Dawn of Sorrow, which is a lot like Aria (and a direct sequel), but with a lot of improvements.
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tumven7777 14 years ago#5
aria of sorrow is the best. of course, get castlevania double pack if available, it has aria and harmony of dissonance. HoD is pretty boring, bad castle design, poor bosses, confusing. circle of the moon is decent i suppose, i beat it when it came out, never went back to it, pretty forgettable game. i would probably choose castlevania classic for gba over HoD and CotM. so in this order:

CV double pack
CV classic
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TheJester2 14 years ago#6
Imo Aria of Sorrow is tied for the best Castlevania game ever with SoTN, and I would only place it #2 behind SoTN if I HAD to.

Circle of the Moon is a great one to, but if you can only get one I think AoS offers much more. And AoS is only a bit frustrating if you are a completionist. If you just want to beat the game, then collecting souls and equipment becomes more of a fun side quest than mandatory.

IMO HoD is the worst of the 3. Beyond the story and gameplay, it's look is just kind of ugly. You have this wierd blue glow around your character, and an annoying series of shadows follow you whenever you jump. Not to mention you turn green and disapear everytime you get hit. It's not gamebreaking, but IMO it is was just very unpolished and kind of ugly for a Castlevania game.
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Black_Crusher 14 years ago#7
I don't own CoM, but AoS is a lot better than HoD is. I stopped playing HoD about halfway through because I lost interest in it.
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edwiniseman 14 years ago#8
Seems I'm the only one who actually liked HoD even though it is the lesser of the 3. I found the puzzles interesting (knocking an enemy off a cliff rather than killing it to get to a new area? Genius!), and the Spellbook system a lot better than the Cards system of CotM, not to mention HoD was a bit less linear than CotM. A bit

Regardless of that, nothing touches the Soul system or anything else in AoS for that matter! Of ther three, I'm actually replaying it right now! No more discussion. Buy it! NAO!
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bloodelfking 14 years ago#9
HoD is one of my favorites.

AoS is pretty nifty. It has the best original soundtrack of the GBA CV's for one.
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lordjers 13 years ago#10
Circle is the best of the three. Aria and HoD are both good and pretty close IMO.

Classic CV is the best ever though!
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