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User Info: Eno_Suibon

1 year ago#1
The lack of new units in AW2 always disappointed me. Share your ideas here!

I'm going to use this format but you can post whatever way you like:




Primary Weapon:
Animation (Optional):

Secondary Weapon:
Animation (Optional):



Name: Mortar
Cost: 2000
Type: Land (Infantry)

Move: 2 (Infantry)
Vision: 1 (4 from mountain)
Fuel: 99

Health: Slightly weaker than a normal infantry

Primary Weapon: Mortar
Range: 2~2 (2~3 from mountain)
Ammo: 3
Power: About 80% strength of a standard artillery shell against land units. 30% strength against sea units.
Animation: Five soldiers drop grenades into an upright mortar, which then fire off in unison.

Secondary Weapon: Handgun
Range: 1
Ammo: Inf
Power: About 60% strength of a standard Infantry Machine Gun. Cannot attack copters.

Other: No range boost from Grit, and they don't lose range when used by Max. Gains strength when used by Sami and other infantry COs. Can't move and use Mortars on the same turn.

Designed to give indirect fire support at a very low cost. They can attack both directly and indirectly, which gives them an advantage, but their direct attack so weak it's more of a last resort. The idea is to get them into a mountain and then park there. However, they remain very vulnerable to other infantry units.


Name: IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle)
Cost: 9000
Type: Land (Tires)

Move: 5
Vision: 3
Fuel: 50

Health: Same as normal Tank

Primary Weapon: Light Vulcan
Range: 1
Ammo: 8
Power: Same as an Anti-Air unit, but 33% strength vs. copters and it cannot target plane units
Animation (Optional): Appears alone, just like an APC, but looks more like a giant Missile unit with an autocannon on top.

Secondary Weapon: None

Other: Infantry can get on board just like an APC. However, it cannot supply units. Sami gets a movement boost, while Max, Jess etc. get their normal attack boost. Cannot drop a unit and attack on the same turn.

Not as good as an APC at transporting units, not as good as a Tank or Anti-Air at damage, but it is much more versatile. Might be worth the price premium under certain circumstances.

User Info: Eno_Suibon

1 year ago#2
Name: Ranger
Cost: 4000
Type: Land

Move: 3 (Mech)
Vision: 2 (5 from mountain)
Fuel: 99

Health: Same as Mecc

Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Range: 1
Ammo: 5
Power: About 80% strength of Anti-Air against Infantry and Vehicles. 30% Anti-Air strength against copters.
Animation (Optional): All infantry are lying prone, with sniper rifles sitting on bipods. Then five high pitched, silenced shots ring out in succession.

Secondary Weapon: Handgun
Range: 1
Ammo: Inf
Power: About 60% strength of a standard Infantry Machine Gun. Cannot attack copters. This is their counterattack weapon, unless hiding (see below).

Other: When fighting in the forest, Rangers have a +10% bonus to offense and 1 bonus star to defense. Likewise, Rangers can choose to “Hide” within a forest after moving. If hidden, they cannot be seen except by units directly adjacent (just like a submerged sub), and their offense bonus becomes +30%, with 2 bonus stars to defense. While hiding, movement is reduced to 1. Rangers automatically stop hiding if they step into a space which is not forest.

Description: Rangers are highly trained soldiers adept at forest combat. They use sniper rifles with precise aim to deal significant damage to other soldiers, armor and helicopters.

Tactics: Rangers are designed to dominate the forests. Their hide function helps to protect them from indirect attacks, and could also help stop an advancing enemy in a forest bottleneck. They’re not designed to take on tanks directly, but are capable of doing so if hiding within a forest. Their damage against Battle Copters is significantly higher than what Tanks can do, as well. However, their weak counterattack outside of Hide mode warrants extra caution.

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